June 19, 2021

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Emma Watson explodes after nine months of silence and puts order

Emma Watson explodes after nine months of silence and puts

For many it will always be HermioneBut the truth is that Emma Watson, a 31-year-old actress, has little to do with that brilliant young woman who played in the Harry Potter saga. In fact, for years he has fought to avoid typecasting and has carved out a remarkable path both professionally and personally.

Beyond her individual commitment, she is a UN Goodwill Ambassador, and her flirtations with the world of fashion and advertising, The British film career has been losing steam with just two or three films in recent years, the last ‘Little Women’ (2019). For this reason, rumors have arisen about the possibility that he may be stepping aside to focus, among other things, on his relationship with Leo Robinton.

But nothing is further from the truth since the actress has dusted off her Twitter account to show your disagreement with the rumors and to put some order. “Dear fans, the rumors about whether I am engaged or not, or whether my career is ‘dormant or not’ they are ways to generate clicks every time they are revealed to be true or false, “he shared in a first tweet.

“Yes I have novelties, I promise that I will share them with you ”.

“In the meantime, keep in mind that if there is no news about me it simply means that I am going through the pandemic in a calm way, as most do: making the mistake of making sourdough bread, taking care of loved ones, and doing everything I can not to spread a virus that still affects a lot of people ”.

“I send you a lot of love, I hope you are well and as happy as you can in these strange times. And again, thanks to everyone who works so hard to keep us safe and sound”, He concludes.

Emma Watson’s statements come a few days after another British actor, Henry Cavill, also felt the need to stop the rumor mill regarding his personal and professional life. So, false alarm. The actress neither leaves nor marries. For now