June 9, 2021

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Emma Watson: crazy rumor of a secret wedding surfaced!

1622448596 Emma Watson crazy rumor of a secret wedding surfaced

Emma Watson has spoken out regarding her secret wedding to boyfriend Leo Robinton. The star denies the latest information.

Rumors are circulating about the star’s wedding of the saga Harry potter, Emma Watson. The actress is suspected of wanting to get married in complete secrecy. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Emma Watson a talented actress

No need to introduce Emma Watson anymore. Born in Paris in 1990, the world famous star begins in the cinema at an early age.

At only 10 years old, she found herself thrown onto the front of the stage. And this, thanks to her character of Hermione Granger in the success saga Harry potter.

Inspired by the work of JK Rowling, the film adaptation will make the young woman a real celebrity. So even his school must ask for special protection to avoid any overflow.

But if the student seems to be talking about her a lot, it is in particular thanks to her incredible acting talent. Besides, to get her role with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, she really gave the best of herself.

Because it is onlyafter 8 auditions and among more than 35,000 candidates that she was lucky enough to land the role of her career. The young girl is also rewarded at the release of the first part, Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

Critics are unanimous. His game is “Admirable. »So that Emma Watson is nominated for 5 different awards at several ceremonies. She will also win the Young Artist Award.

8 films later, the pretty brunette no longer needs to prove her talent as an actress. So much so that directors have to fight for make the young woman appear in their productions.

Charlie’s World, The Bling Ring, Noah, Colonia or The beauty and the Beast. So many feature films in which we were able to see the star.

Emma Watson: the crazy rumor of a secret wedding surfaced!

Exemplary discretion over his private life

But if Emma Watson continues the achievements, the young English does not seem to want to spread over her private life. Indeed, it has always been keen to keep his little garden a secret.

So much so that the journalists had difficulty discover his affair with Leo Robinton. But that was without counting on the talents of the masters of the gossip.

In fact, the latter even managed to see an engagement ring on the star’s finger. However, rumors of a marriage proposal do not seem to be confirmed.

And for good reason ! The magazine Heat claimed that the young woman and her boyfriend Leo were indeed planning a secret wedding. And this, so as not to cheat on their love with an exaggerated event. “

Eh yes ! It seems entirely possible to weigh millions and live a simple little life. The proof. The actress of Little women is far from wanting to do things big for her union with the handsome Californian.

The two lovebirds had been first glimpsed together in 2019. And since then, the star seems determined to start a family.

Moreover, the interpreter of Hermione Granger even told the press his desire to take a break in his career. Its goal ? Start a family.

Indeed, confinement was the way for Emma Watson to ask herself certain questions. To her it seems unthinkable to mix his family life with his notoriety.

According to an anonymous source, the health crisis has enabled him to “Realize how much she values ​​her privacy and thatshe doesn’t want to make noise about a wedding.This is what the latter declared to the English magazine.

A committed and feminist actress

However, after announcing the rumors of a secret wedding, the magazine did not hesitate to drag Emma Watson through the mud. According to the latter, the star would only be a lying and hypocritical diva.

The journalist explains that the actress is far from being so feminist and respectful of the environment than she claims. Yet she has repeatedly spoken in this direction.

Since the start of her career, the young woman has supported causes close to her heart. Some time ago, she even paraded for the Women’s March in Washington DC.

Regularly, Leo’s girlfriend even speaks up for the feminist organization He For She at the UN. And according to Internet users, she does not simulate her activism at all.

The reasons for doubt come then from a series of tweets concerning published by the star his marriage. “Rumors that I’m engaged or not, or whether my career is on hiatus or not are ways to generate clicks …

A subtle way to point the finger at journalists and their intrusive side. If I have any news, I promise to share it with you, “ adds Emma Watson. That is what is said!