Emma Watson and her darling Leo Robinton are not engaged?

Emma Watson’s love life intrigues her fans a lot. Moreover, it seems that the actress is not engaged to Leo Robinton.

Emma Watson is discreet about her love life. But the young woman is she engaged to her darling Leo Robinton? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Emma Watson is unanimous

Emma Watson has enjoyed great success for many years. And for good reason, the young woman causes a sensation in the Harry Potter saga. She was then in the spotlight from an early age.

It must be said that her acting talents make everyone agree. So, she is entrusted with great roles. Moreover, the actress even allows herself to select only the films that she likes. In short, it is essential then in the world of cinema.

But that’s not all. Emma Watson is also a great activist. While she already knew an important notoriety, the actress preferred to continue her studies and graduate.

So she then tries to make your large community aware of different causes. But everyone knows Emma Watson for her involvement in feminism. She then fought for gender equality. Not bad !

Hermione Granger’s interpreter Internet users are therefore very intrigued. And for good reason, she is very discreet about her private life. His loyal fans then try to find out more.

Moreover, there is a subject that greatly intrigues viewers of Harry Potter: the love life of the beautiful. It must be said that the latter is very modest about her feelings.

But it’s no secret that Emma Watson is having a great love affair with Leo Robinson. And yet, the actress has long fallen for an actor in the cast of Harry Potter.

Emma Watson and her boyfriend Leo Robinton aren't engaged?
Emma Watson and her boyfriend Leo Robinton aren’t engaged?

The star’s loves intrigue his fans

Everything seems to succeed to the pretty Emma Watson. His career is enough to make a lot of people jealous and her love life also seems to be a rolling affair.

Moreover, the flagship actress of Harry Potter made a great revelation on his past in love. Indeed, when she was younger, she fell in love with an actor in the saga.

I have to say that they spent a lot of time together. Filming films then occupied a large part of their daily lives. Emma Watson therefore had time to fall in love with Tom Felton.

Indeed, during the Harry Potter period, Emma Watson secretly fell for the pretty blonde. But on his side, the young man saw the latter as a little sister. What to intrigue the viewers then.

So, this relationship has remained platonic. When she learned that her feelings weren’t shared, then it was a cold shower. Not easy !

But do not panic. Everything has been arranged for the star’s heart. Today she saw the great love in the arms of Leo Robinson. Enough to melt the Web then.

In short, Emma Watson and her sweetheart, it’s a rolling business. But are the two lovebirds engaged? MCE TV tells you more!

The actress engaged to Leo Robinson?

Nothing can escape the fans of Emma Watson. The latter then show themselves determined to get the slightest scoop on their favorite star. And even if the beauty does not make it easy, they still get their way. Not bad !

This is how Emma Watson and Leo Robinson’s relationship comes to light. Since a few months, the two lovebirds then live the great love. So cute !

Moreover, this Saturday the couple was seen in the streets of Los Angeles. They then seem more in love than ever. Thus, Internet users wonder if the handsome brunette has applied for an engagement.

And yet, the beauty made a big revelation about it. Nowadays, the couple is not engaged. Indeed, the actress said: “If I have any news, I promise I’ll share it with you. “ So nice !

She also added: “In the meantime, please assume that any news from me just means that I’m calmly passing the pandemic like most people. By taking care of my loved ones and doing my best not to spread a virus that still affects so many people. “

But that’s not all. Emma Watson also alludes to a move. It seems then that the couple can move to Hollywood.

As a reminder the star has homes in London but also in New York. Besides that, she spends a lot of time in Los Angeles with her darling Leo Robinson.

One thing is certain. Emma Watson has not finished talking about her. His relationship with Leo Robinson holds many surprises. To be continued.