Emma Stone, a Cruella for the new generation: “She is an empowered punk villain”

There are movies in which everyone remembers the villain of the role instead of the protagonists. Bad guys sometimes have more personality and charisma than smug heroes. When one thinks of Misery comes to mind Kathy bates breaking poor James Cann’s ankles. Y The silence of the lambs is what it is for him Hannibal Lecter from Anthony Hopkins. It also happens in animated films. There will not be many people who can say what the two protagonists of 101 Dalmatians, but I’m sure there is no one who does not know the name of the villain of the classic of Disney. Exactly. Cruella de Vil. An iconic, unique and unforgettable character.

Disney has been revitalizing their classics for years with flesh and blood actors, and although Cruella has already been given a face and voice by the great Glenn close, now a movie focuses only on her. In who she was before she became a villain, in her motives. A film directed by Craig gillespie and written by Tony mcnamara -writer of The favourite-, which has its main attraction in the confrontation between its two protagonists, the Cruella to whom it gives life Emma Stone and who faces the cruel and uptight Baroness who is played by another Emma (Thompson).

THE SPANISH has been able to chat with them, and Emma thompson He tells why I didn’t hesitate for a minute to do it when he read the script: “I loved it because it was unusual. It is a story of two women. There are no men. No love story and they talk about their work, because they are two creative geniuses. Yes, they are a bit sick in the head, but that has never been seen … never! I was excited and very proud that Disney decided to do it. “

‘Cruella’ | Trailer | Disney +

But what does Cruella de Vil have so that everyone stays with the villain instead of the protagonists? For Emma Stone it is a mixture, but she emphasizes that “only her look is iconic”. “You remember her with that wonderful black and white hair… in the US it is a very popular Halloween costume. With his coat, his cigar… I think that set people’s minds on fire. And she is one of the cruellest villains, the cruel among the cruel. It is horrifying to think that someone wants to steal puppies to get a coat. But what I found really fun was imagining it this way, in the punk years, in the 70s. She is a punk villain, from her look. And it is empowered and independent. It was a lot of fun exploring that. “

Thompson explained later, at the film’s press conference, that she was happy because she has been “decades playing what her mother calls ‘good women in dresses,’” and that with The Baroness she has turned her around to play “a really wicked woman in dresses ”. Cruella shows the rivalry of these two women in a man’s world, but Emma Stone does not believe that this is the reason why they act like this, that they imitate the behavior of men, but rather that they “comply with the pressure that the society puts on women to please people and everyone ”.

Women comply with the pressure that society puts on them to please people and everyone. They tell us to smile even though things bother us

“They tell us to smile even when things bother us, and I think these women act like all that pressure doesn’t exist. They show how they really are and there are many women, and these two are like that. They are fascinating, great and very bad, but above all they are complex, as we all are ”, he added about a film that will be released at the same time in theaters and Disney + this Friday.

A project that, a priori, might seem to fit little in a career that already has an Oscar and in which he has worked with the best directors of the moment, but Cruella had an ace up his sleeve, the script by Tony McNamara with whom he worked on The Favorite, and they created something that “is definitely darker than what a Disney movie usually is. Of course it is not a movie rated only for adults, but it is darker than any Disney movie that I have seen in a long time, “he said about this project that has all the ballots to sweep the box office and make girls want to be more Cruella and less Cinderella.