Emily the Criminal: The new movie starring Aubrey Plaza (REVIEW)

Big risks and huge rewards

Emily becomes involved in a credit card scam after being saddled with debt, dragging her into the deadly criminal underworld of Los Angeles.

By Agustin Boero

Emily the Criminalthe debut of John Patton Fordshows many of the miseries of today’s savage capitalism, where a young woman owes her student loan and many petty crime and hospital bills. Emily (Aubrey Plaza) concentrates on his part-time job to get money, although very slowly and with the bills around his neck, he has neither the time nor the desire to generate art as understood, it is his passion and vocation.

With a more relaxed and indie film tone, in just a few minutes we enter very well into the cold and austere environment that is to be shown. To deal with the conflict Emily he is offered an “extra” job outside of the food distribution that he does regularly, he is told that there will be good money for that service and he accepts. What she does not know is that within the illegality of the work it is also very simple, counterfeit credit cards to buy electronic items and resell them.

Escalating in the complexity of the plot, she will get bigger purchases that correspond to bigger rewards but much heavier people from the criminal environment. The film alludes to the problems she demands, the coldness and appearances, the dangers
that entail trying to make a difference to pay off debts and a landscape painting of anxiety and bewilderment. Aubrey Plaza He gives us a spectacular performance, perhaps one of the best of the year if we review everything so far, loads with the film and forms the axes of the love ties with his love interest and the most playful and dangerous criminal side.

Credible, simple and with several levels of analysis at the same time, Emily The Criminal It is very well done, it is current and it leaves us a lot to think about today and the social demands that are expected to have status or “be someone” today.

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Emily the Criminal: The new movie starring Aubrey Plaza (REVIEW)