June 10, 2021

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Emilia Clarke releases first comic book about single mom whose superpowers come from her period

1623310014 Emilia Clarke releases first comic book about single mom whose

Emilia Clarke will release her first comic book “MOM: Mother of Madness” next July, co-written with Marguerite Bennett (Bomshells) and imaged by Leila Leiz (Horde). A childhood dream come true for the former “Game of Thrones” star.

In her younger years in London, Emilia Clarke remembers how difficult it could be for a girl to break into the local comic book store. It was through her big brother that she managed to lay eyes on this fascinating universe, as well as in cinemas.

“I read a lot of fantastic novels full of amazing worlds when I was a kid, like The Lord of the Rings. It is always around this type of reading that my imagination gravitated. Later, when I went to my first Comic-Con at the age of 22 for Game of Thrones, I almost only saw men. Then, when the MeToo movement started to change mentalities in the industry, I started to change my outlook on this community, ”she explains to the American site. Variety.

A team of designers

Emilia Clarke then began to imagine what a comic book might look like from her own perspective, and that idea grew rapidly. She surrounded herself with a creative team made up entirely of women to imagine her heroine, Maya, a single mother whose existence is turned upside down by the discovery of superpowers that emanate from her period.

“It is a single mother who assumes her responsibilities. She was born from the idea that single mothers are superheroines. Because it takes superhuman strength to handle it all. (…) Bloating, mood swings, acne, etc. all these things. We hate it when this happens to us, if I am to believe my experience and that of all those who have their period. And we wondered what would happen if we turned those rules into something that makes you feel unique, crazy, superhuman with what’s going on in our bodies. When Maya is afraid she becomes invisible, and when she gets angry she possesses superhuman strength. And she can also sway like Spider-Man with the hair of his armpits, ”specifies Emilia Clarke about the powers of her heroine (the list is non-exhaustive).

Emilia Clarke releases first comic book about single mom whose

Note that Emilia Clarke will soon be featured in the Disney + series Secret Invasion, whose story will be linked to the scenario of the movie Captain Marvel. She also spoke on the first images of House of the Dragon, the prequel series of Game of Thrones. “I think it’s extraordinary. I’m hallucinating to see my wig everywhere. I now know why they didn’t let me take her at the end of Game of Thrones. It’s Matt Smith who wears it now, ”she laughs.