Elizabeth Olsen: her beginnings as a “sister of”, her distant relationship with Hollywood and the villain that Marvel fans love unconditionally

elizabeth olsen She did not think that her destiny would await her in front of the cameras. However, her talent pushed her to a successful career in Hollywood. The younger sister of two iconic child celebrities, Olsen is one of the most popular faces in cinema today, largely thanks to her performance as Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, heroine of Marvel Studios. Here’s the story of an actress who made it big despite her mistrust of the industry, and in an exclusive dialogue with THE NATIONhis opinion about his new film, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, that today arrives in Argentine theaters.

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Elizabeth Olsen had a natural interest in cameras, but there was something wrong with her. Born on February 16, 1989, Lizzie (as she is called in her inner circle) understood from a very young age the weight of fame. Her older sisters are neither more nor less than mary-kate Y Ashley Olsonthe twins who, at just four years old, had amassed millions of dollars thanks to their work on the sitcom full-house. As faces of countless brands since childhood, the Olsens were true celebrities, something that intimidated little Elizabeth. But the action was breathed in the house of that family, and Lizzie felt an irremediable attraction for that world.

However, for Elizabeth the fame of her older sisters meant a springboard from which she wanted to escape. The word nepotism, as she herself recognized on several occasions, began to circulate through her head. She didn’t want to set foot in the industry because of her sisters’ achievements, and that’s why being a pre-teen, she preferred to put aside her interest in acting. At the age of fourteen, Elizabeth was one of the best volleyball players at her school, and as an escape from acting, she began to fantasize about the possibility of dedicating herself professionally to that sport. But deep down, she knew that was betraying herself. Without giving the matter more thought, she abandoned her last name, and under the name of elizabeth chase, began attending high school, and looking for their first casting tests. But a family episode would make her doubt again to follow that path.

Olsen with fans of the troubled Wanda
Olsen with fans of the troubled WandaAgencies

In 2004, Mary Kate Olsen was admitted to a clinic to treat anorexia. Many tabloid media covered that news showing a notable lack of sensitivity. For the Olsen clan it was a very difficult time, and Elizabeth suffered greatly from the intrusion of journalism into her family’s privacy. That level of exposure led her to rethink her vocation, although encouraged by the advice of her sisters, she continued betting on acting. The moral learned from her, yes, is that her intimacy was going to become her most precious asset.

Years dedicated to studying singing, dancing and acting. Elizabeth Chase was determined to make her way as an actress. Ironically, Mary Kate and Ashley began to lower themselves from the public radar, prioritizing their entrepreneurship as fashion designers. That way, the shadow of her sisters seemed to lose volume, and Elizabeth was beginning to trust that if the industry was betting on her, it was because of her talent, and not because of her family tree. Her big debut finally came in 2011, in the film Martha Marcy May Marlene. In that thriller –available on Google Play– she played a young woman who escapes from a sect facing the emotional consequences left by her past. The feature film was a small success at the Sundance festival, and was enough to establish the name of Elizabeth Olsen in the cinephile and in the specialized press.

In subsequent years, the actress demonstrated her versatility, walking through terror, drama and comedy, in projects as dissimilar as The silent house, Peace, love and misunderstandings, Red lights Y love and lyrics. In 2013, Olsen starred in one of the most important titles of her career, the remake of old boy, the cult Korean film (available on Apple TV+). His path was advancing, and one thing was certain: any type of story seemed to fit him perfectly. In 2012, for her performance as Edie Parker, wife of Jack Kerouac, for the film killer lovesElizabeth was nominated for a Bafta for Newcomer (available on Star+). Until that moment, the actress seemed destined to become one of the great references of independent cinema. Many medium-budget projects, and mostly for festivals, were looking for her with determined interest. Her pending task was to lead a powerful block bustera possibility that came shortly after.

In 2014, the actress was part of the cast of Godzilla, a new version produced in the United States on the mythical Japanese monster. Olsen shared screen with Bryan Cranston Y Aaron Taylor Johnson in a project that cost 160 million dollars. A production of that size was a real challenge for Elizabeth, who had to work on a much larger scale than any of her previous titles. A leading role in a title of these dimensions was a recognition that, ironically, brought her closer to that massiveness that she feared so much. But the heroine that would make her world famous had not yet come into her life.

During her most exposed years, the media delved tirelessly into Elizabeth’s personal life, without much success. Between 2012 and 2014, it was known that he was in a relationship with the model Boyd Holbrookand during 2015 with the actor Tom Hiddleston, a link that came to an end because the actress wanted to focus on her career. And it is that for those years, she obtained a role with which she would have a long-term commitment, and that would allow her to explore different types of stories.

In 2014, the post-credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier it showed two brothers locked up in a prison. Comic book readers quickly recognized that this was Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. The arrival of Marvel in Olsen’s life was a turning point in his career. Playing that villain turned into a powerful heroine, allowed her to dive into bitter stories but in which the action was not lacking. Olsen prepared thoroughly for this challenge, reading hundreds of Scarlet Witch comics and practicing dance in order to achieve stylized movements for the imposing battle scenes. Finally in 2015, inside the movie Avengers: Age of UltronOlsen joined the ranks of those superheroes through a character he played in five other movies.

Interview with Elizabeth Olsen

The Scarlet Witch is not a traditional heroine: her life is crossed by the drama of seeing her loved ones die, losses that she tries to make up for with the use of magic. And about that, Olsen told THE NATION: “Wanda had to learn a lot when she lost Pietro, her brother. That made her feel very alone in the world. And her partner, Vision, filled that place. But then, faced with the emptiness that she left behind losing him, she created the fantasy of her children, which was something she needed. That has always been her dream: to create the family that she had lost. I think that all that process was closely linked to my growth as an actress, but not so much to my personal life.

Elizabeth never stopped working, and eventually found that balance she fought so hard for. Her private life is still a mystery, she does not have social networks, and it only transpired that she is married to the musician Robbie Arnett, because she accidentally referred to him as “my husband” in an interview. Regarding his career, among his projects is the miniseries love and death, in which she interprets the true case of a woman who without explanation killed her neighbor with 41 axes. But right now, the spotlight is once again on the Scarlet Witch, co-star of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

In this new film, the heroine goes through important changes, and her family past and the events of Wandavision They become a reason for torture. And in reference to the evolution of the character in the new Doctor StrangeOlsen confessed to LA NACION: “The screenwriter michael waldron He put Wanda in the position of having to make several very difficult decisions, and there the bond of empathy with the viewers is worked on. I think it’s important as a society, as an audience, to be able to disagree with someone, but understand the reason for their actions. That’s very important to me, and I agree that in this film that’s primarily our goal.”

For all this, it is possible to ensure that Elizabeth Olsen reached her goal. She knew how to earn an important place in the industry, built her own space that did not depend on her sisters, and proudly embraced the Olsen surname, putting her work before her personal life.

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Elizabeth Olsen: her beginnings as a “sister of”, her distant relationship with Hollywood and the villain that Marvel fans love unconditionally