Edward Norton acts for pleasure

At 53 years old and with three Oscar nominations under his belt, Edward Harrison Norton takes his time before saying yes to a role. He owns a personal fortune close to 300 million dollars thanks to early investments in technology companies. In addition, he has been happily married to Canadian producer Shauna Robertson for a decade, with whom he has a nine-year-old son, Atlas.

The actor, a native of Boston, has not starred in a movie since his second film as director premiered in 2019, Brooklyn Orphans . Since then, she has hardly been seen in a supporting role in the wonderful the french chronicle by Wes Anderson, a filmmaker he admires and from whom he has not missed a single film since he participated in 2012 moonrise kingdom . Logically, he will also be seen in asteroid city the new proposal from that director, which will hit theaters before the end of this year.

The interpreter is very involved in charities related to the environment

A good sign that Edward Norton carefully chooses his roles is the next thing we’ll see of the actor. The Apple series is waiting for the premiere Extrapolations , in which he only participated in one episode and also has Meryl Streep, Forest Whitaker and Marion Cotillard in his cast. Norton is also involved in the sequel to daggers in the back which Netflix will upload to its platform on December 23, and in which only Daniel Craig of the original cast has remained.

The fact that he works little in front of the cameras does not mean that he spends his time sunbathing by his pool in the Malibu mansion that he acquired in 2017 for eleven million dollars or watching TV in the penthouse he owns in the heart of Greenwich Village, in New York. The graduate of the prestigious Yale University is often heavily involved in charities, such as the Maasai Jungle Conservation Foundation, where he chairs its US division. He is also a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Biodiversity and is on the board of Enterprise Community Partners, a nonprofit founded by his grandfather, architect James W. Rouse, who made his fortune designing shopping malls and building gated communities, in which it develops affordable housing for the low-income population.

Norton, opposite Bruce Willis in his second film as director


Perhaps for all these reasons, when Norton received an invitation to give a master class in June at the inaugural edition of Allora Fest, an event dedicated to celebrating cinema, art and music in Astuni, an idyllic city in Puglia, Italy He didn’t hesitate for a second. For an hour, and before an audience mostly made up of film students who had come from Rome, the actor and director concentrated on detailing what it cost him to carry out the process to finalize Brooklyn Orphans a project on which he worked intensely for two decades.

Edward explained that after leaving the project at different stages of development on several occasions, he realized that if he didn’t shoot it, he wasn’t going to be able to get that story out of his head. Owner of a production company with which he made his first film as a director, More than friends , which he co-starred with Ben Stiller in 2000, Norton explained how hard it was to come up with the $26 million it cost, even with such big-screen actors as Alec Baldwin, Bruce Willis and Willem Dafoe in the cast: “ Many people believe that I can start everything I want and it is not like that. It was very difficult to film it. But it is always so. I spent eight years trying to film AND l painted veil with Naomi Watts.

Norton working on the sequel to 'Daggers in the back' that returns to star Daniel Craig

Norton working on the sequel to ‘Daggers in the back’ that returns to star Daniel Craig


Edward Norton won the Golden Globe for his first role in both sides of the truth , in 1996, for which he also received his first Oscar nomination. According to the actor, everything happens by insisting until the doors open: “It surprises me that Francis Ford Coppola has spent 50 years trying to do Megalopolis , the movie that is finally about to start. At the best moment of her career nobody wanted to invest in her. And now she’s putting up her own money, $100 million, to get it done. You have to buy wine for him”, she recommended to the students without hiding her admiration, in the class she gave in Apulia.

When giving them recommendations, he suggested that they work on small projects: “Many of those who started with me in the theater in New York did so, such as Mark Ruffalo, Sam Rockwell, Bobby Cannavale or Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I started a theater in what was a Japanese cultural center where we put 60 seats and put on our own plays. Today that company has three theaters,” he said, referring to the Signature Theater Company, today one of the largest theater companies in Manhattan.

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Edward Norton acts for pleasure