Eddie Redmayne didn’t do many “great” movies

Eddie Redmayne doesn’t think he’s made “many” films that are “great”.

The 40-year-old actor – whose long career has seen him rewarded with an Academy Award, a Tony Award, a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA and two Laurence Olivier Awards – insisted he didn’t very good at his job and that even when he was a student at Cambridge alongside Rebecca Hall, Dan Stevens and Tom Hiddleston, he always found his own performance to be lacking.

He told The Saturday Review of The Times: “The aspiration is always to make a great film and I don’t think I’ve made a lot…”.

“[A l’université] I remember seeing Tom in ‘Arcadia’ and he was amazing. Rebecca was always amazing, and I remember Dan playing in the Scottish room with amazing power too.

“But to be clear, the theater I did in Cambridge was absolutely appalling.”

While filming “Les Miserables,” Eddie admitted to asking director Tom Hooper if he could do multiple takes of the “Empty Chairs” number because people on set were praising his co-stars so much.

He confessed: “I did about 20 takes, back to back.

“Because every day on this set, you heard someone say [il baisse la voix jusqu’à un murmure révérencieux] : ‘Oh, did you hear the extraordinary interpretation of Hugh [Jackman] of ‘Who Am I’? And, oh, Anne’s ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ [Hathaway] ?

“But mine, they were always pushing it further back in the schedule. So by the time you get there, the pressure is immense. So I said, ‘Let’s give it as many times as possible! ”

The star of ‘The Good Nurse’ reached the height of his fame in 2014 when ‘The Theory of Everything’ (A Wonderful History of Time) was released and he married his wife Hannah Bagshawe, and he admitted that any this “extraordinary” period is still a “hazy blur” for him today.

He said: “The whole year of making ‘The Theory of Everything’ was a blur because the stakes were so high and because I knew Stephen [Hawking] was going to see him.

“Then while I was promoting the movie, I was shooting ‘The Danish Girl.’ I flew to Los Angeles, did press for ‘The Danish Girl’, walked the red carpet, got back on the plane and went straight back to the set of ‘Fantastic Beasts ‘. It’s a time that’s a little hazy, and also because I was a young bride, then with young children. It was an extraordinary time, but one that I still haven’t been able to understand.

Although Eddie loves his job, he wants to find the right balance between his career and what’s best for his children, six-year-old Iris and four-year-old Luke.

He said: “Actors are basically circus performers. And yet I had a very stable upbringing. And so trying to figure out what’s best for our family is something that I question every day. .It’s about not wanting my work, my interests and my love for what I do to harm my poor little ones.”

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Eddie Redmayne didn’t do many “great” movies