€14,400,000: A Leica Series 0 becomes the most expensive camera in the world

More 14 million euros : this is the amount at which an extremely rare Leica Series 0 from 1923 during the auction Leitz Photographic Auction on June 11. A record sum, which makes it become the most expensive camera in the world. Several other cameras and lenses also beat all estimates during this exceptional sale.

Giving a price to the priceless: the case of Oskar Barnack’s Leica Series 0

If you appreciate vintage cameras, you cannot miss the Leitz Photographica Auction. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, this event is one of the major gatherings for collectors.

The highlight of this 2022 edition, the extremely rare Leica Series 0 n°105. Being part of a limited series of around 30 prototypesthis copy is none other than the personal camera of Oskar Barnack, father of photography in 35 mm format.

So many elements which also explain its setting a price for the trifle of 1 million euro. For more details on this exceptional case, do not hesitate to consult our previous article.

Finally, this Leica Series 0 was sold for an amount of 12 million euros (to which must be added 2.4 million euros in commission costs). A record amount, which allows it to become the most expensive camera in history.

Ironically, the record was previously held by another Leica Series 0. Bearing the copy number n°122, the latter had been sold for the sum of 2.4 million euros in 2018.

During this edition of the Leitz Photographic Auction, we will also note the presence of a Leica MP. Launched at the Photokina in Cologne in 1956this model has been used by many professional photographers, including the Magnum agency.

Produced in just 412 copies (including 141 in a black lacquered finish), this model is one of the cases most prized by collectors. Priced at €150,000, it was sold for an amount of €960,000.

For his part, a prototype of the goal Summilux 50mm f/1.4dated of 1961was awarded for an amount of €114,000 (for a starting price set at €30,000).

This sale also highlighted a Japanese SLR Zunow SLRlaunched in 1958. A case of great rarity, and whose technical characteristics foreshadowed the 35 mm SLRs of the 70s.

Accompanied by a standard lens Zunow 50mm f/1.8this copy was supplied with two objectives extremely rare : a 35mm f/2.8 (a unique piece, made in 2 copies only), as well as a 100mm f/2. Two lenses made for testing purposes only. The set was sold for the sum of €120,000i.e. 3 times its starting price.

Finally, a Leica MPcomplete with a Leica Elmar-M 1:2.8/50 lens, was released as “charity coin”and was acquired for the amount of €72,000. Unique in the world, this example is distinguished by its gold finish. The amount raised must be entirely donated to associations.

Beyond the historical value of these cases, we should also note growing interest in collectible cameraswhose prices continue to soar.

For more information on this historic sale, visit the website of the Leitz Photographic Auction.

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€14,400,000: A Leica Series 0 becomes the most expensive camera in the world