Dying can wait: Daniel Craig’s poignant farewell speech

We will soon and finally be able to discover “Die Can Wait”, 25th James Bond and the end of Daniel Craig, who after five films and fifteen years of good and loyal service hangs up the tuxedo and the Walther PPK. The actor was thus very moved during a farewell speech delivered at the end of the shooting of his latest film.

Daniel Craig will no longer be James Bond

Only a few more days before you can discover To die can wait, the new James Bond, the 25th installment of the famous franchise, and the fifth and final film for Daniel Craig. The English actor has been playing the role since 2006 and Casino Royale. He followed up with Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre and finally To die can wait. More than 15 years of good and loyal service in the service of Her Majesty and of the most famous secret agent of cinema. There are naturally a lot of emotions and memories for this overall very successful cycle, and Daniel Craig could not restrain a few sobs during a farewell speech where he thanked the teams for all the progress made (video below).

To die can wait ©Universal Pictures

Tears and thanks

The video lasts about twenty seconds, which is more than enough for Daniel Craig to say and convey a lot. Visibly tired and very moved, the actor who will have made James Bond more human and will have made him enter the new century has sincere words. And he doesn’t forget to mention the complicated relationship he had with the character and these five films. First rejected by the fans, injured several times on the set, not spared by criticism, Daniel Craig expresses infinite gratitude, despite everything that has been said.

I loved every second of those five movies, and especially this one, because I got up every morning for the chance to work with you, and that was one of the greatest honors of my life.

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