Durango signs agreement to collaborate on Viggo Mortensen’s film

For several months now, Durango has become the second home of American writer and director Viggo Mortensen -remembered for his performance in the “Lord of the Rings” saga-, by choosing this city as one of the main locations for his new film “The Dead Don’t Hurt”, a project that this Friday materialized after the signing of a collaboration agreement with the State Tourism Secretariat.

At the signing of this collaboration, the producer of this film, Regina Solórzano, thanked the state government for the facilities for this recording. “It has been an incredible experience for us, it has been incredible to film this film in this land. We wanted to record here because of its locations, its people, we discovered that Durango was the ideal land, because of its visual potential and the incredible people we have met. The circumstances that the governor has given us could not be better, really thank you very much,” said the filmmaker.

For his part, the state governor, Esteban Villegas, stressed that this production is extremely important for Durango, as it will give rise to more cinema reaching the entity.

“The only thing we can offer is what we have and Durango has many things and the most valuable thing is its people and we have an advantage, that 100 kilometers away we have mountains, valleys, farms, we have everything, and that has made it much easier. I am grateful to Regina and Viggo who have decided to be here, they will have all the support and backing”.

In this sense, the governor announced that on November 20 there will be a partial closure of several streets in the downtown area, where several scenes will be filmed; on the 23rd and 24th, there will be a major closure due to the same circumstances.

“We will continue working for a while longer, we are excited, we have already been to La Joya, Mexiquillo and we continue to want to make more films for Durango, Mexico and the north of the country and raise the name of what we are,” Solórzano added. .


Set in the 1860s, the western-style film is produced by Mortensen himself alongside Regina Solórzano and Jeremy Thomas, and features lead performances by Vicky Krieps and Viggo Mortensen himself.

Krieps plays Vivienne Le Coudy, who embarks on a relationship with Danish immigrant Holger Olsen (Mortensen), with whom she moves to San Francisco, however, the Civil War separates them, leaving Vivienne to fend for herself in a controlled environment. by powerful rancher Alfred Jeffries (Garret Dillahunt) and his violent son Weston Jeffries (Solly McLeod), with the help and complicity of corrupt mayor Rudolph Schiller (Danny Houston). Olsen’s eventual return challenges their relationship as they have to confront and make peace with the person they each have become.

Although Durango is one of its main settings, being considered “The Land of Cinema”, the film began shooting in Ontario, Canada, since last October.

A curious fact about this film is that it reunites Mortensen with the team that accompanied him in his directorial debut in 2021, in the film “Falling”: the photographer Marcel Zyskind, the production designer Carol Spier, the art director Jason Clarke and costume designer Anne Dixon.

“My goal is to do justice to the story of an exceptionally resilient woman living in an isolated, lawless part of the southwestern United States in the 1860s. The idea is not simply that a woman play the lead role in a Western. , but lead the way in our history by virtue of its fiercely intransigent nature,” Mortensen told international media months ago.

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Durango signs agreement to collaborate on Viggo Mortensen’s film