Driving license: tips for paying less

GOOD TIPS – On average, obtaining a license costs 1,800 euros in France. But, beyond traditional driving schools, several alternatives exist to try to reduce the bill.

1800 euros. This is the average cost to take a driving license in France, a price that has steadily increased in recent years and which may discourage some young people from attempting the exam. However, the classic formula with driving school code lessons and driving lessons with an instructor is not inevitable. Other alternatives exist to obtain the precious sesame, at more attractive prices.

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Pierre Da Silva, student, for example chose the option of online driving school. “I have never set foot in a driving school”, he smiles, at the microphone of 20H TF1. Through an app, he can revise the code at any time, with just a few clicks. “It is much more practical by doing it on the application because I have this possibility to do it where and when I want. I think that it can allow me to pass my rules of the road more quickly”, adds the young man.

With this online training, driving lessons are given by independent instructors, in their own cars. When he wants to take an hour, the student therefore sets an appointment with his instructor. This alternative to the traditional license is much less expensive. For 35 hours, Pierre Da Silva will pay 1,300 euros, or 30% less than in a traditional driving school. According to the National Automobile Professions Council (CNPA), 5% of candidates pass their license via these online platforms.

We’re making a hell of a saving– Dual control car rental client

Another solution: dual control cars. Passing his license as a free candidate is indeed possible, being under the supervision of an accompanying person who has at least five years of license, who must be present on the day of the exam, after having spent a minimum of four hours of training. . It is then possible to take the exam with a dual control car rented for the occasion. A less expensive solution than a “normal” license.

“In a traditional driving school, the hours can be up to € 60. With the package we have taken, the hours come back to € 12. So we make a hell of a saving”, explains Jazia Miri, dual-control car rental customer at “Permis malin”, who accompanies her daughter.

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In recent years, another practice has developed, that of the driving simulator. For Laura Philippe, a student in the “ESCR Sécu’Route” driving school, in Colombes, in the Hauts-de-Seine, who is not comfortable at the wheel, this is the best solution. “It is very beneficial for me who is not reassured, who is a little afraid of taking the car, so start with the simulator”, she confides.

Sitting in a seat identical to that of a car, the candidate is invited, as in a real vehicle, to fasten his seat belt and switch on the ignition. A simulator lesson costs about half the cost of a classic lesson, at 36 euros per hour.

Several aids available

In addition, an additional boost: many aids exist to finance part of the driving license. Since 2017, for example, it is possible to use your Personal Training Account (CPF) in driving schools labeled by Road Safety.

For young people aged 15 to 25 wishing to take their permit, there is also the “one euro permit” device. “We reimburse 30 € per month to a bank and the interest and the guarantee are paid by the State for people between 15 and 25 years old”, summarizes Mohamed Khaif, manager of the driving school “ESCR Sécu’Route” and president of the Departmental Council of Automobile Professionals 92. In detail, this is a loan in the amount of 600 to 1,200 euros, of which the interest and the guarantee are supported by the State in monthly installments of 30 euros.

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For those who live in large cities, it is also possible to obtain a permit in rural areas, where the waiting time is shorter.

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Driving license: tips for paying less