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Draper James and Reese Witherspoon’s Lands’ End are back together.

This time around, the lifestyle brand launched by the actress and producer and the all-American retailer based in Wisconsin are adding sleepwear, loungewear, home items and even pet products to the mixed.

The Draper James x Lands’ End expansion includes pet clothing and other pet products. Courtesy photo

“Our fur babies must also be a part of these holiday photos,” Chieh Tsai, executive vice president and product manager at Lands’ End, told WWD. “We have flannel dog shirts, dog bandanas and pet beds for the whole family.”

It’s southern charm that meets Americana in the 45-piece collection (the third of the duo), which includes duvets, bedspreads, blankets, towels, flannel pajamas, slippers, stockings, sleep masks, bags and more for men, women and children.

Reese Witherspoon in pieces from the Draper James x Lands’ End collaboration. Courtesy photo

“It’s feminine, but it’s also relaxed and sophisticated,” said Kathryn Sukey, head of design at Draper James. “It’s something that was part of Reese’s life growing up. Her grandmother often said to her: “Look good, feel good, do good.” It’s part of the brand. We know our daughter is feminine, but not overly complicated. She doesn’t want anything that takes a lot of artificial effort. It really must feel a bit effortless.

“And this collection is actually quite timely, even though people are starting to emerge [from quarantine] and are vaccinated, ”she continued. “The pandemic has really shown us how important it is to create this beautiful domestic space for yourself and make your home a sanctuary. ”

Tsai added that even with consumers making more in-person appearances these days, the hybrid lifestyle is here to stay.

“Home is such a versatile space now; you have work there. It is an entertainment space. You want to relax there. It’s the space of your heart, ”she said. “And people want to be comfortable in all of these times and surrounded by things that make them feel good, because everything else outside is uncomfortable.”

Nightwear Draper James Lands' End

The latest Draper James x Lands’ End collection includes pieces for men and children. Courtesy photo

Draper James and Lands’ End first teamed up in May 2020 with a collection of women’s swimwear, followed by a second installment the following May. Each time, the consumers who came for the collaboration ended up buying across assortments, exceeding expectations, Tsai said. So much so that the two brands wanted to expand into other categories.

“For us at Lands’ End, sleepwear has always been a very important category for us,” she said. “And also, the weather changes; people settle in for the holidays, go inside for the fall. We thought sleep and home were a perfect, natural evolution.

Nightwear Draper James Lands' End

The latest Draper James x Lands’ End collection includes matching sleepwear for the whole family, in addition to housewares and pet clothing. Courtesy photo

The partnership is also helping Draper James, who Witherspoon founded in 2015, grow, while also attracting a younger demographic to the iconic Lands’ End brand, which tends to resonate with older audiences.

“And what we’ve seen, what makes us super optimistic, is that there continues to be this really big appetite in both retail flows and environments,” Sukey said. “Draper James ‘daughter loves what we do with Lands’ End. And then the girl from Lands’ End loves what we do with Draper James.

Tsai added that although the collection is a limited edition, the two companies will use the nightwear and homewear launch as a try-out for future expansions in the same categories.

Nightwear Draper James Lands' End

Nightwear and home items from the latest Draper James x Lands’ End collection. Courtesy photo

The Draper James x Lands ‘End collection, which launches today, will be available at draperjames.com and landsend.com, as well as at all three Draper James stores and 31 Lands’ End outlets. The clothes are available in sizes XS to 3XL for women, XS to 2XL for men, and sizes 2 to 20 for children, with prices ranging from $ 11.95 to $ 239.95.

A portion of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go to Girls Inc., a non-profit organization that supports young girls.

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