Don’t Worry, Darling: Matrix, Inception… Olivia Wilde reveals the influences of her psychological thriller

For his next thriller, Don’t Worry, DarlingOlivia Wilde revealed to have been inspired by a handful of films “pushing the limits of the imagination”.

After a career as an actress that surely left her hungry, Olivia Wilde preferred to turn away from the spotlight and projects that favored her plastic over her talents as an interpreter, to direct her first feature film, Booksmartin 2019. Delightful comedy recounting the adventures of two high school girls who, at the end of their final year, realize that they have missed out on their social life, Booksmart and her singular aesthetic thus affirmed the talents of the actress for the staging. On the strength of this first critical and commercial success, Wilde thus returns behind the camera a second time, and takes the opportunity to radically change register.

Psychological thriller worn by Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, a duo as improbable as it is intriguing, Don’t Worry, Darlingresponds above all toa broad ethical and identity questioning, inspired, according to Wilde, by great films questioning the very nature of a single presupposed reality. Thus, the filmmaker, on the stage of the Palace César where the CinemaCon of Las Vegas 2022 takes place, a little more extensive on the influences behind this new film.

Something tells us they won’t end the story so in love

In an idyllic, experimental community isolated by the California desert, Alice (Florence Pugh), a young housewife, gradually sinking into anguish and paranoia as she questions the true motivations of Jack, her husband (Harry Styles). Employed to develop the Victory project, a program supposed to change the face of the world, the latter seems however decked out with a dubious company, which feeds Alice’s mistrust a little more.

A plot that is altogether anxiety-provoking, clearly playing with a deep dichotomy between the ideal existence promised by this new community life, and the sticky hints of an underlying violence that the character played by Florence Pugh perceives, confined to her home. . Inspired byInception (Christopher Nolan) Matrix (the Wachowski sisters) or even The Truman Showthe filmmaker actually considers Don’t Worry, Darling like a “ love letter to films pushing the limits of our imagination » :

Don't Worry, Darling : Photo Florence PughNot relaxed, Pugh

“I want you to imagine a life where you have everything you could possibly want. And not only material, tangible things, like a nice house, a nice car, nice weather conditions. But also the things that really matter, like love, the ideal partner, unconditional friendships, the feeling of being part of something meaningful. What would you be willing to do to get that perfect life? What would you be able to sacrifice for this just cause? Would you be able to destroy the system designed to serve you? »

Questions raised during her presentation at CinemaCon also underpinned by the stories of the films from which the filmmaker was inspired. Of the marvelous though false reality of the Truman Show to the fragmented dreams of‘Inceptionthe imagination is definitely not the only thing these stories repel: the three films mentioned also all question the ambiguity that can be answered by the very reality within which their characters evolve.

What to ask more questions by the release of the film on September 28 in French theaters.

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Don’t Worry, Darling: Matrix, Inception… Olivia Wilde reveals the influences of her psychological thriller