Doctor Strange 2: Will Paul Bettany return to Marvel As Vision?


Elizabeth Olsen will star in the film as Scarlet Witch. Check out the theories behind White Vision’s return to the superhero franchise.

Camille Lopez

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany star in WandaVision.©IMDBElizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany star in WandaVision.Camille Lopez

Since Spider-Man: No Coming Home featured, fans of wonder They are expecting a lot to learn a little more about the so-called multiverse. And there’s not much left for that to happen: next May 6, it will finally be released Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. With the presence of elizabeth olsen confirmed as Scarlet Witch… Could Paul Bettany return to the franchise as Vision? Here is the answer !

Advances have shown that Sam Raimi’s upcoming film starring Benedict Cumberbatch As the protagonist, it will be the great bet of the Kevin Feige company for this 2022. And it is that we will not only see the return of the classic wizard, but we could also see a new face of Wanda Maximoff. Fiction will be completely linked to Wanda Visionthe series available on Disney+ in which its protagonist creates a completely ideal life.

It should be remembered that after Vision’s death, Wanda loses control of reality when she takes the town of Westview prisoner and creates a false illusion in which she lives with both her partner and her two children. Spoiler alert! At the end of the series, he permanently loses everything he had built and, according to the theorieswould become the big bad strange doc 2.

What will happen to Vision? In one of the episodes, he appears White Vision, created from the remnants of SWORD’s original vision. After hiding his memories from him to use as a weapon, he was sent to fight the Vision of Westview. Fans assure that because of this, the robot recovered both its memory and its emotions, so that it could return in the next film to stop Wanda.

You break the rules and become the hero, I break the rules and become the enemysays Olsen’s character in one of Cumberbatch’s advancements. Everything would indicate that Scarlet Witch will be even more powerful than Doctor Strange and will be willing to risk everything to get her family back. Even if the presence of Paul Bettany has not been confirmedThe truth is that Marvel usually surprises in each of its projects and, in this context, his character could be the one who saves humanity so that Wanda does not get out of control again.

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Doctor Strange 2: Will Paul Bettany return to Marvel As Vision?