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Marvel made some big reveals via the Super Bowl Doctor Strange 2 trailer and apparently hinted that the Illuminati rumors surrounding Multiverse of Madness could be true. We saw Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) being dragged by Ultron sentries into some sort of courthouse. The session is chaired by Professor X (Patrick Stewart). The mutant tells the others that maybe they should tell Strange the truth.

Marvel hasn’t acknowledged the Illuminati team so far, despite teasing it. But there are rumors that Doctor Strange 2 will feature this team of superheroes. And if there’s anyone who knows if that’s the case, it’s Benedict Cumberbatch. The actor is already answering such questions from the press, and he just answered rumors from Illuminati members for the first time. Before I can explain to you, I warn you that big spoilers could follow below.

the Doctor Strange 2 Illuminati Rumors

So who is part of the Marvel Illuminati then?

We have six chairs in this room where Strange is in the latest trailer. This means that the “court” has several prominent members. Charles Xavier is one of them. The Mordo variant (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is probably another. Then there’s Captain Marvel’s (Lashana Lynch) cameo in the trailer. And the Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell) teaser in the poster. These could all be Illuminati members in Doctor Strange 2.

In total, these are four Illuminati members shown and suggested so far. Various leaks gave us two more: Balder the Brave and Mister Fantastic. And since the Ultron drones are there, some variant of Iron Man must be lurking, somehow having a say in the actions of the Illuminati.

While Marvel is far from confirming the Illuminati rumors, there is a big plot leak that appears to be the real thing. This is because the events presented in the Doctor Strange 2 match the claims in this leak. The plot spoiler says that Strange and America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) will be prisoners of the Illuminati in a different universe.

But the Illuminati scenes might be limited, as Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) will attack the compound, setting off a chain of events that will have Doctor Strange and America Chavez running for their lives across the multiverse. The same Doctor Strange 2 leak says that Wanda could injure and even kill some members of the Illuminati team.

This is the kind of background you need before seeing Benedict Cumberbatch’s reaction to the Illuminati.

Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl Trailer
The face you make when you hear the voice of Patrick Stewart in a Multiverse of Madness trailer. Image source: Marvel Studios

Benedict Cumberbatch reacts

Talk to entertainment tonightthe actor asked about the Illuminati appearing in the film.

When asked if an evil Doctor Strange was a member of the Illuminati, Cumberbatch immediately resorted to expected denial. But he realized that the Multiverse of Madness campaign begins.

“That’s the start of it all, isn’t it?” I somehow escaped it with Spider Man because we were doing covers for Strange. I couldn’t go around. Poor Tom [Holland] and [Zendaya and Jacob Batalon] and everyone had to say ‘Yeah. I haven’t heard of it and I kind of deny everything,” he said. “I’m going to start making the same game again now.”

Illuminati denials aside, Cumberbatch said Doctor Strange 2 is a “feast”. He said the movie is a Sam Raimi special that has everything it says in the title and “much more.”

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the most important MCU picture this year, and we’re fast approaching the film’s latest marketing campaign. We’ll only get more interviews from Cumberbatch & Co. where the movie’s stars deny everything.

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Doctor Strange 2 Illuminati Rumors Addressed By Benedict Cumberbatch – GameSpot