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Disney+ has shared another new clip from its upcoming Delighted after Disillusioned. As the single-digit countdown begins, Disney is offering viewers brand new footage to guide them until the full movie hits the streaming service. The new clip features the film’s main villain, Malvina Monroe (Maya Ruldoph), and his two disciples, Rosaleen (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Ruby (Jayma Mays).

The clip begins with that old adage of “mirror, mirror, on the wall” but with a slight twist. Rather than learning who is the prettiest of them all in Monroeville, Malvina wants to know who wields the most power. Naturally, she expects the answer to be her. But she has a little trouble receiving an answer, because her mirror (Oscar Nunez) fears what might happen if he tells her the truth. Ruby doesn’t help matters either. The clip also reveals the timeline of Malvina’s investigation and teases what could precipitate the larger and more serious conflict between her and Giselle (Amy Adams).

Along with sharing a little more plot, the clip offers a deeper look into Malvina’s personality in general. Before Giselle’s arrival, Malvina was more or less the “queen” of the town. With the spell in effect, she literally takes on that title and is, of course, an evil queen. The clip reveals his growing impatience with those around him and his frustration with Giselle’s newfound power.

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15 years after its predecessor, Disillusioned jumps that many years in time and sees Giselle and Robert (Patrick Dempsey) married, Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino) as an older teenager and the family with a new baby. Although she is happily ever after, Giselle is tired of city life and longs to find magic again. To do so, the family moves to the suburban town of Monroeville, but Malvina makes the adjustment difficult. With nowhere to go, Giselle asks Andalasia for help. But a spell gone wrong jeopardizes the city, Andalasia, and Giselle’s happiness.

The screenplay was written by Brigitte Hales of a story of J. David Stem, Richard La Graveneseand David N. Weiss. It was directed and produced by Adam Shankman. Sunil Perkash and Jo Burn executive produced, with Adams, Barry Josephsonand Barry Sonnenfeld acting as producers. The music and score were composed by Alain Menkenwith lyrics by Stephane Schwartz. Additional cast includes James Marsden, Idina Menzel, Griffin Newman, Anne Harada, Michael McCorry Rose, Kolton Stewartand James Monroe Iglehart.

Disillusioned premieres November 18 exclusively on Disney+. Watch the latest clip below:

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Disenchanted Clip Spotlights Maya Rudolph’s Evil Queen – CNET – ApparelGeek