Debra Winger brings out the colors to the sexist Hollywood

Debra Winger started acting on tapes like Finally it’s Friday o en City cowboy with John Travolta, but it was in 1982 with Officer and gentleman when she emerged as one of the great female stars of 80s Hollywood. This film directed by Taylor Hackford and starring Richard Gere Not only did it put her in a prime position in the industry, it led to her first Oscar. However, although everything may seem idyllic after this important step in his career, the reality is somewhat different.

Debra Winger at the 2019 Kennedy Center Honors Annual Celebration (Photo: Paul Morigi / Getty Images)

And it is that Winger, in a recent interview with the British media The Telegraph, has made known the physical demands that the team after Officer and Knight tried to impose on him. As the actress explains, when she was immersed in the recordings of this romantic drama, some people on set weren’t satisfied with her work because they saw her “Swollen”. That’s when a production person approached her and offered her water retention pills to help her lose weight so she could look slimmer in the movie.

“I was so young that I didn’t even know what it was, and I just handed it back to him and said ‘I’m not going to accept that.'”said Debra to The Telegraph. “It just sounded ridiculous to me. But someone else could have succumbed “. And it is that this attitude makes clear the demand on the female physique that still persisted in Hollywood in the early 80s, leaving in evidence how until recently the industry continued to implement very questionable actions in its filming and in the humane treatment of its interpreters. However, actresses like Winger knew how to get the necessary attitude to reject him, although as he says, not all have chosen to follow in the same footsteps.

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When asked about her courage to stand up to the film crew and ignore their request, Debra Winger explained that her childhood devoid of male figures made her grow up without having any dread of powerful men and moguls, so he felt strong enough to refuse to take those pills. “Certainly my mother didn’t teach me that. I didn’t have great men around me growing up. I felt strong enough to say no to these fucking assholesadmits the actress.

Precisely, although it enjoyed great success in Hollywood during the 80s and early 90s with titles such as The strength of affection, Dangerously together, The path of betrayal O The protective sky With directors of the stature of James L. Brooks, Costa-Gavras or Bernardo Bertolucci, it is said that it was her strong conflictive character in the filming that led the industry to not be entirely benevolent with her and to her later retirement.

Actors like Richard Gere, his partner in Officer and cabler, or Shirley MacLaine, with whom he co-starred The strength of affection, they even came to compare it with “A brick wall”, as Gere well stated in an interview with Squire in 1986. Thus, at age 40, at the peak of his career and with three Oscar nominations, decided to retire from cinema in 1995 after working in Forget about paris of Billy Crystal and focus on other aspects of his life. But the withdrawal was not final.

After the premiere of the documentary Looking for Debra Winger of Rosanna Arquette in 2002, when her figure was vindicated with popular clamor, the actress was encouraged to return to the cameras. Although yes, with more sporadic roles and in a minor league. In this documentary he explained in more detail his decision to stay away from fame, admitting that did not agree with some dynamics regarding female roles and that she preferred to focus her life on doing other things that would keep her calm.

In this new stage in Hollywood in these last two decades, although it has been seen in a wide variety of films such as Rachel’s wedding, Lola Versus, The chorus, The Lovers O How to survive in a material world, has been more focused on television series, What Dawn Anna’s Courage, In therapy, The red tent, The Ranch O Comrade Detective, although far from the fame and success of yesteryear. Currently, at 66 years old, he is part of the cast of Mr. Corman, the new Apple TV + series, whose portrait of anxiety in one of its chapters left us shocked.

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