Deborah Kerr: what did the Hollywood actress die of?

1950s film star Deborah Kerr died on October 16, 2007 at her home in England. It is to be rediscovered this December 20, 2021 on Arte at 8:55 pm in the film “Elle et lui” alongside Cary Grant.

Hollywood star Deborah Kerr has now been dead for more than 14 years since it is October 16, 2007 that this icon of cinema has disappeared. After struggling for years against Parkinson’s disease which she was afflicted with, Deborah Kerr had decided to return to her family in Suffolk, in the south-east of England, to live her last days. Deborah Jane Kerr Trimmer was born in Scotland in 1921, in the north of the United Kingdom, but it was in England that she started her career, within different theater groups. She quickly rose to fame thanks, at the age of 20, to her role as Jenny Hill in Commander Barbara.

Although she never won it, the Hollywood actress has, during her career, been nominated six times for the Oscar for Best Actress thanks to its impressive performance. She also won a Golden Globe for her role, in 1956, in the musical The king and me, played dmany roles for MGM studios and has also performed numerous times on stages in theaters. Hollywood icon of the 50s, Deborah Kerr is part of the cinema world forever thanks to her roles and certain scenes that will forever remain mythical moments of cinema, as is the case for the kiss she shares with Burt Lancaster in the movie As long as there will be men by Fred Zinnemann and released in 1953.

Six Oscar nominations and a Golden Globe for Deborah Kerr

In She is him by Leo McCarey released in 1957 and which will be broadcast on December 20 at 8:55 pm on Arte, it is with the famous Cary Grant that she trains a mythical couple on our small screens. After her death in 2007 at the age of 86, Deborah Kerr left behind her second husband, Peter Viertel, and two daughters, Melanie Jane and Francesca Ann, as well as three grandchildren. Her husband Peter Viertel, whom she married in 1960, is died of cancer on November 4, 2007, just three weeks after the death of his wife. Deborah Kerr was buried in the family vault in the cemetery of Alfold, England.

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Deborah Kerr: what did the Hollywood actress die of?