Deadpool’s Latin voice and the day he met Ryan Reynolds:

The dubbing actor José Antonio Macías, the Latin voice of Deadpool who will be at Expogame 2023 in Concepción, reviewed his career, recalling one of the moments he treasures most fondly: the day he was able to meet Ryan Reynolds.

in conversation with BioBioChilethe Mexican actor explained that James from Team Rocket (Pokemon) is one of his most iconic characters.

“James is one of my favorite characters because people love him a lot because of all these things we did and said in the Gerardo and I series,” he began by pointing out.

“I was fortunate that it occurred to me to say ‘And extend our kingdom to Chile, extend our kingdom to Santiago, extend our kingdom to Concepción, extend our kingdom to all the places you can imagine”he added.

“Then that caught people’s attention and he became a much-loved character because he spoke of a specific city or country. without this happening in the original”held.

However, he explains, his favorite character is Bailey the dog from the movies ‘The reason to be with you’.

“I love animals, especially dogs, and I love that character,” he said. As he explained, it is a film that marked him, adding that he played the character “with all his heart.”

The day she met Ryan Reynolds

In turn, the dubbing actor highlighted deadpool as another of his favorite jobs. What is striking is that in this case she was able to meet the actor who personifies the Marvel Comics character, Ryan Reynolds.

“He behaved wonderfully, he is a great guy. I have a very good friend named Alex Montiel, who here in Mexico calls himself the Golden Scorpion, he is a much-loved influencer here, and at that time he was working a lot with me,” he said.

“He had to go to Los Angeles, California, to interview the entire Endgame crew and he also had this interview with Ryan Reynolds here in Mexico,” he mentioned.

“Since he had to travel to the United States, he called me one day and said ‘this interview is here, it’s in Mexico City, I have to go, do you want to do it?’ It is not common for it to happen because they do not take us with themI was not going to be the one who was going to interview him, however it happened,” he said.

“The distributor also did the impossible for him to know who I was, so when I arrived we started to talk a little before the interview. He already knew who I was, in fact he gave me some very nice words for my work with these Deadpool movies and at the end we hugged, he asked to take a picture of us because they wouldn’t let me put my cell phone in,” he said.

“I was wearing a super nice mask that I had bought at an expo in Guatemala so that I could sign it, but they did not let me in at all. He stood up and said ‘take a picture of us with this dude’ and it is the image that is going around where I appear hugged by this true guy, ”he added.

Of course, Macías explains that Reynolds is one of the few actors that he doubles and that he has been able to meet.

I would die to meet Leonardo Dicaprio, whom I have voiced in many films. TO Matt Damon oh ryan gosling, to whom I just did it, seems to me a tremendous actor. But the truth is that it is difficult for these things to happen to us as dubbing actors, ”he concluded.

Pepe Toño Macías, voice of Deadpool, Captain America, James and many more will be at Expogame Concepción on Saturday 24, Sunday 25 and Monday 26 June at the Suractivo event center.

Tickets can be purchased at this link.

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Deadpool’s Latin voice and the day he met Ryan Reynolds: