June 10, 2021

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Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds teases his arrival in the MCU with an image

1623313740 Deadpool 3 Ryan Reynolds teases his arrival in the MCU

We have now been notified that Disney wants to use the character of Deadpool and that a third episode is in the works. Ryan Reynolds just posted an enigmatic image that maybe announces that things are moving.

Deadpool will have his place in the MCU

By buying the Fox at a gold price, Disney has recovered cult licenses and Marvel characters. The X-Men as well as The Fantastic Four, and also that bad kid from Deadpool. For the latter, there were real fears, because it does not correspond too much to the brand image of the firm with big ears. The two previous opus are Rated R and respect the violence inherent in the character. Rest assured, Disney is preparing a third opus. Sisters Wendy and Lizzie Molyneux have been hired to sign the script, and Kevin Feige has previously clarified that the anti-hero will be integrated into the MCU, in addition to actually having a new adventure Rated R.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) – Deadpool ©20th Century Fox

An imminent arrival of the character?

We are waiting to know how everything is going to fit together, because we do not see Deadpool having fun with heroes more oriented towards the general public. No director has yet been appointed to lead this third part, filming should not take place immediately. But Ryan Reynolds just titillated fans with an image posted as a story on his Instagram account. We see Deadpool’s mask in a bag, as if the actor was going to travel for the needs of something related to the character.