‘Deadpool 3’ is on its way to becoming the new ‘Avengers: Endgame’: why the new Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman may be the best movie in Marvel history

If we stick to the superhero genre, Few releases are more anticipated in 2024 than ‘Deadpool 3’ with ryan reynolds reprising the role of Wade Wilson/Deadpool and with Hugh Jackman doing the same as Wolverine. We also have ‘Joker 2’ of DC, but it is true that the sequel to Todd Phillips is part of the label “Elseworlds” (Other Worlds) and that this is an important detail to know that the surprises in the form of cameos to enjoy the fandom they will be unlikely.

However, at Marvel they need a movie to introduce and really expand the universe that is to come with the fox characters (yes, we’re looking at you, ‘Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness’ and those cameos that, in all probability, have little to do in the future of the UCM) and that go far beyond Deadpool’s hint of a crossover with the X-Men led by James McAvoy’s Professor Xavier in ‘Deadpool 2’.


In recent weeks we have learned a multitude of details that make us think that Marvel He has something “very big” on his hands (Read it with Deadpool’s voice in your head and you’ll understand why it’s in bold.)

Suit up, Wade!

They have leaked the first images of Ryan Reynolds with his characteristic red suit, but it is different from previous appearances. You can look at details like the belt, in which the symbol of the character can be seen on its buckle (this time yes), but the key is in the material. It seems that our friend Wade it will leave red leather behind to welcome a finer texture that allows one to appreciate a suit with a brighter color. It is tremendously funny!

And, pay attention, the rumors suggest that, finally, the Wolverine by Hugh Jackman will use the legendary yellow and blue lycra suit from the comics popularized in the 90s by Jim Lee and John Byrne.

deadpool 2 with hugh jackman mask

20th Century Studios

let the children get away from me

A lot there was speculation about the tone that would have Deadpool’s debut in the UCM. We are talking about Disney’s white humor and Marvel’s rudest character. A Merc with a Mouth for kids? Will we see a childish character?

Nothing of that. ‘Deadpool 3’ Will Be Marvel’s First R-Rated Movie, that is, not suitable for children under 17 years of age, unless they are seen in the company of an adult. It seems that we will be facing a sequel that will continue that gross tone that worked so well in the two previous installments.

cameos everywhere

The movie will feature cameos from a large number of characters that previously belonged to foxbut of course nobody had one in particular.

Forget the unexpected final cameo of ‘The Flash’ in DC that lasted a few seconds, the most amazing apparition we will see it hand in hand jennifer garner. 20 years after his debut in ‘Daredevil’ and starring in his solo film, the actress reprises the character of Elektra Natchios.



Will Reynolds’ movie laugh at what is considered one of the worst superhero movies ever? This is one of the most curious cameos in film history, given the failure of the 2005 film and the subsequent ostracism of his character. Will he be reunited with Ben Affleck’s Daredevil?

In turn, a last rumor indicates that channing tatum could also make an appearance playing Gambitwho was going to star in his own movie for Fox, but stayed in one of those failed projects. Yes, just like our friend Nicolas Cage’s Superman. In the case of the mutant, created in 1990 by Jim Lee and Chris Claremont, his main ability is to charge objects with explosive kinetic energy, with a special predilection for cards. Remy LeBeau, quite a thief and a brawler.

gambit movie channing tatum


And Tatum may not be entirely alone, because maybe Ian MacKellen and Patrick Stewart resume your roles as Magneto and Charles Xavieras Sir Patrick Stewart, whom we already saw in ‘Doctor Strange 2’, has dropped on occasion, but with the caveat that belonged to another realitythe of the Earth-838.

All the madness that a character like Wade Wilson can unleash playing with the Marvel Multiverse makes us think that, in addition to becoming the new ‘Avengers: Endgame’, it will also be one of the best superhero movies in history.

deadpool making a heart with his hands

20th Century Studios

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‘Deadpool 3’ is on its way to becoming the new ‘Avengers: Endgame’: why the new Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman may be the best movie in Marvel history