DCEU: Henry Cavill gives his opinion on the arrival of a new Superman

Of all the characters introduced to the DCEU thanks to the universe created by Zack Snyder, the Superman played by Henry Cavill is undoubtedly the one whose fate is the most uncertain. Even the Batman played by Ben Affleck, Batfleck, will have another chance to shine on the big screen thanks to the film The Flash. For now, we do not yet know what will happen to Clark Kent, or in which project he will appear again, or even if he will appear again at all. While this version of the character appears to have been shelved indefinitely, Warner Bros. Studios. nevertheless seem ready to move forward with another hero, Val Zod, a black Superman at the heart of a film produced by Michael B Jordan.

Henry Cavill aka Superman in Man of Steel – Credit (s): Warner Bros

In an interview with the American media The Hollywood Reporter, the subject was raised with Henry Cavill, who did not fail to show his enthusiasm for the arrival of a new hero “It’s exciting. Superman is more than a color of skin. Superman is an ideal. Superman is an amazing thing that lives in our hearts. Why not have multiple Supermens? Joaquin Phoenix starred in a wonderful movie on the Joker, what if he’s unrelated to the rest of the franchise? There are several Supermans evolving at the same time in the comics. “ The British actor scores a point. Nothing prevents the studios from bringing several versions of the Man of Steel to the big screen which, in addition to extending the universe of DC Comics to the cinema, would allow to satisfy an even greater number of fans.

Henry Cavill alias Superman dans la Snyder Cut de Justice League
Henry Cavill aka Superman in the Justice League Snyder Cut – Credit (s): HBO Max

As for his version of Superman, Henry Cavill still remains very attached to it, claiming once again that the cape is still in his wardrobe. He also confided “There is still a lot to talk about with my Superman, and I would love to have this opportunity.” The actor notably mentioned Zod’s death in Man of Steel, which was a defining moment in Kal-El’s life and could provide an opportunity to further explore the character’s psychology. Even though the release of the Snyder Cut from Justice League allowed to see the hero again in a much more pleasant context than the first version of the film, we must admit that his sudden disappearance from the DCEU would leave a taste of unfinished. Henry Cavill will soon be featured in season 2 of the series. The Witcher, for which a trailer was unveiled by Netflix.

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DCEU: Henry Cavill gives his opinion on the arrival of a new Superman