David Harbor reveals his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown outside of Stranger Things

Stranger Things has lasted for four seasons on Netflix screens without dropping a single audience point. Starring Millie Bobby Brown, it is a series set in the 80’s, but it has captivated all generations.

Everything that happens in stranger thingsstays in stranger thingsor at least that’s what most fans of the science fiction series that redefined the streaming platform 7 years ago thought. Netflix. However, beyond the horrors of the Upside World and the superhuman powers of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)Several cast members have developed strong friendships outside of the studios.

Set in the 80’s in a small town in the United States, stranger things is starring Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler, Noah Schnapp as Will Byers, Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair, Sadie Sink as the rebellious Max Mayfield and Gaten Matarazzo as the funny and loyal Dustin Henderson. But in addition to the young stars who play the group of six friends who alone face the fearsome forces of evil that inhabit the Upside World, Strangers Things, Stranger Things has a full cast of greats like David Harbor (Jim Hopper) and Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers.

Regarding figures, stranger things (with David Habour and Millie Bobby Brown leading the cast), has achieved impressive numbers of watch hours on Netflix, where since its premiere on July 15, 2016, it has already surpassed 1.15 billion hours of watch time, a milestone also reached. for other super hits like The Squid Game or Money Heistbets made by the big N and that resulted in successes that will be remembered for many years.

And off the screens some of the actors of Stranger Things have strengthened friendships that go beyond their roles on the set, and that over the years make them a true family off the screens. It is the case ofe Millie Bobby Brown and David Harborwho seem to have made their father-daughter relationship a reality, which they maintain Jim Hopper and Elevento real life.

David Harbor and Millie Bobby Brown play Jom Hopper and Eleven in Netflix’s Stranger Things, but their relationship goes beyond the screen

In real life, Millie Bobby and David Harbor are close friends off the set of Stranger Things.

As pointed out by himself david harborhe met Millie Bobby Brown when she was only 12 years old, so over time she has come to sponsor her and protect her as if she were her daughter. That is why David Harbor has recently expressed that he is extremely concerned about what fame can do to Millie Bobby Brownas she became very famous very quickly and very young, a combination that in some cases is quite dangerous.

For david harbor his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown is “special”, because his first meeting with her was when she was not yet known, so he has developed a super sense of protection with her that makes him worry inevitably about his destiny, about fame and about everything he has to face for she.

“Millie and I have always had a special relationship because I met her when she was very young. I knew her before she got the big fame from her. I have a protective feeling for her. I have a real concern. I worry about her, about her fame and about everything she has to deal with. I’ve always felt this kind of deep fatherly affection for her.”

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David Harbor reveals his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown outside of Stranger Things