Dave Bautista talks about “SEEING” season 2, how he and Jason Momoa “just freeze” on set – Marseille News

With SEE’s second season underway on Apple TV +, its promotion is in full swing. Part of it saw new recruit Dave Bautista talking about the show and his relationship with co-star and on-screen brother Jason Momoa.

Speaking with Variety, Bautista opened up about how he and Momoa “just freeze”, although the pair are very different in some ways – in particular, Bautista is the silent type while Momoa is anything but.

“I’ve wanted to work with Momoa for years,” Bautista told Variety. “We’re really just freezing. It’s strange. We are so similar in some ways, but our personalities, our energies are just extreme opposites. He’s a very energetic person, very outgoing, and I’m just an introverted person, a very low energy person. ”

Momoa plays Baba Voss in the series with Bautista as Edo Voss, his brother. Their relationship is complicated to say the least, but Bautista thinks it’s not necessarily her character’s fault. Blame it on the environment, he said.

“I would never say Edo was a nice guy,” Bautista said with a laugh. “But I think he’s a product of his environment. I think he believes he has good intentions. I think he believes he’s doing the best. I also think his relationship with Baba – I think his resentment comes from a rightful place. “

Bautista also goes into great detail about the role of a blind man onscreen and the work that has been done to make sure he falls well. You can read the entire article on Variety for the ins and outs, including Bautista’s hopes that SEE won’t be his last recurring role.

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