Dave Bautista shares his disappointing experience filming “Specter”

Dave Bautista recently shared his experience filming “Specter,” the 24th installment in the popular James Bond spy movie series, stating that filming was a “nightmare.” The actor played Hinx, one of the greatest serial killers in history, who participated in fast-action scenes alongside Daniel Craig.

Specter introduces James Bond in the midst of a mission to unveil the mask of a formidable criminal organization led by one of the franchise’s most notorious opponents: Ernst Bluefield, played by two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz.

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Bautista has been busy in recent weeks promoting his new movie “Army of the Dead,” in which he has the title character directed by Zach Snyder. In a recent conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, he spoke about how difficult it was to make a Bond movie, though he also expressed his joy at working with Daniel Craig again on the sequel to “Knives Out.”

“These are just long days. Logistically, it is a nightmare. You are moving from one country to another. It is a long and slow process. I think Specter was filmed in about a year. My role was not extended, but me ”I’ve been in the film for eight months. It is, ”said Bautista. A very long process ”.

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After retiring from WWE, Bautista made a firm commitment to a stable acting career. After appearing in “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the actor had leading roles in “Blade Runner 2049” and “Dune” under the direction of Denis Villeneuve, with great determination to face characters that would require a certain level of commitment and discipline. .

With the imminent end of his portrayal of Drax in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” Dave Bautista remained steadfast in his personal desire to play Bane in a production linked to DC Comics. His next film, “Army of the Dead,” will be available exclusively to the public on the Netflix catalog on May 21.

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