Dark Shadows: What strict diet did Johnny Depp have to follow for the purposes of this film?

On the occasion of the broadcast of the film Dark Shadows on Sunday, November 21, 2021, from 9:05 p.m. on 6ter, Télé Star reveals to you what the diet that Johnny Depp had to follow for the needs of this feature film consisted of.

Released in theaters in 2012, the film titled Dark Shadows, worn by Johnny Depp, Eva Green and Michelle Pfeiffer, will be broadcast on Sunday, November 21, 2021, from 9:05 p.m. on 6ter. Directed by Tim Burton, this feature film is in fact the adaptation on the big screen of the American television series of the same name, broadcast on the channel ABC between 1966 and 1971. The story begins in 1760. After emigrating from Liverpool to the Maine area, the Collins family founded a thriving fishing business. In the year 1775, Angélique Bouchard, the servant of Barnabas Collins, played on screen by Johnny Depp, fall in love with him. But he rejects his advances, and in revenge, Angelique kills her parents.

Later, Barnabas decides to marry Josette, the young girl he loves. Angélique, furious, uses her witch powers to turn him into a vampire, provoke the suicide of Josette, and turn the city against him. Barnabas finds himself locked in a chained coffin and buried in the forest. Almost 200 years later, Barnabas is accidentally freed from his grave by workers. Still a vampire, he is forced to drink their blood. He finds his home, Collinwood. Once splendid and a symbol of wealth incarnate, the castle has fallen into ruin. Barnabas then learns from Willie Loomis, the servant of the house, that he is woke up in 1972.

Dark Shadows: Michelle Pfeiffer will do anything to get a role in this movie

In order to get into the skin of his character, Johnny Depp is on a green tea diet. The actor thus drank liters and liters of tea, while consuming a large quantity of fruits with low fructose content, like pineapples or strawberries, in order to lose weight. For the record, Michelle Pfeiffer, who was a “absolute fan of the seriesDark Shadows, a “does what (she) never does“. In order to be sure to play in the film adaptation of this fiction, the actress picked up her phone to call Tim Burton, with whom she had previously worked on the film Batman, the challenge. She was ready to take on any role, since the screenplay was not yet written.

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Dark Shadows: What strict diet did Johnny Depp have to follow for the purposes of this film?