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Daniel Craig’s life will never be the same on screen. Accustomed since 2006 to don the costume of James Bond, the actor comes, moreover in an honorary way, to receive the same title within the British Empire as the famous secret agent. From now on, the British actor is embarking on a second career with still great popularity and not without many personal ambitions.

He will not be the first actor to leave the James Bond franchise and like his predecessors, Craig will probably discover new productions and indulge in new passions, which he has already started to do…

The prestige of a franchise

Back to the theater

Unlike many star actors of the Seventh Art, Craig has not really made himself known on the stage. However, it is indeed his course very early and the love for this art is no longer to be demonstrated by Daniel Craig who attacked the cinema in 1992.

Until a few years ago, Craig hadn’t really been seen on big bills at the theater and no doubt he wanted to change that as his popularity grew. A return to first love started in 2009 and followed in 2013 and 2016, notably with an interpretation in Othello.

The lease with 007 ended, Craig did not wait long before jumping on a new opportunity both in New York and even on Broadway for the prestige, as well as another play by William Shakespeare. In 2022, he performs Macbeth in a mythical role but this time, in a play produced by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, namely the producers of the James Bond films. Chase the natural…

Independent cinema, ahead

It will not be necessary to look at the level of super-productions announced if we want to see Craig again on the big screen. At least if it stays on its new standards, started in 2017 in Logan Lucky. Excellent alongside Halle Berry in Kings, the actor wants to return to the basics of cinema and Glass Onion, his last film shot, really breaks the codes he himself drew up with James Bond.

A major legacy for the character of James Bond

His successor has not been announced but it will certainly take guts to take up the wide costume of James Bond. Craig has left a permanent mark indelible to this character by gradually introducing a character on the verge of violence, bodybuilder, before gradually finding very “British” bases by highlighting his feelings and his flaws.

He was exceptional from the start of the franchise in 2006 when he took on the role for the first time in Casino Royale. This film was a revolution in many areas, beyond cinema! For example, poker has seen a big increase in popularity, which has allowed global platforms like PokerStars to attract many enthusiasts. Of course, the latter must have noticed that it was rare to get the same hands as James Bond in this film. Indeed, a straight flush remains particularly rare in everyday life…

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The saga starts from scratch

A different route than that taken by Pierce Brosnan

By favoring independent cinema and a return to the boards, Craig does not seem to be following the same route as Pierce Brosnan, his illustrious predecessor in Her Majesty’s spy costume. Very quickly after his interpretation of Bond, the Irish actor wanted to give himself new life and a new image by playing sometimes comedic roles in many blockbusters. He will therefore chain nine films during the six years following die another dayhis latest incarnation of 007.

Subsequently and from the 2010s, Brosnan finds action roles and sometimes darker, where he excels. In The Ghost Writer, he shows the extent of his talent before resuming several strong action roles with varying degrees of success. It now remains to be seen whether or not Daniel Craig will take the same route in a few years after having regained a certain neutrality with respect to Bond.

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Daniel Craig’s new life – We Like it, the web and buzz news blog