Daniel Craig was delighted to say goodbye as James Bond

James Bond It is a saga which counts more than 24 films which were divided between 7 actors. None of them had the time that passed Daniel Craig like the British spy, who since Casino Royal, in 2006, is the protagonist of the saga. With the premiere of No time to die, the artist will say goodbye to the franchise and make way for a new performer.

Daniel Craig with Javier Bardem in Skyfall. (IMDb)

In the last hours, a video taken on the film set of No time to die went viral. There you could see how excited he was Daniel Craig when you say goodbye to your colleagues. The artist had said some time ago that he wanted to retire because of the demands that he had to be part of the saga. The film was originally slated for release in 2019, but various reasons (including the pandemic) resulted in its postponement.

The video broadcast on Twitter exceeded half a million views, and you can see there Daniel Craig On the verge of tears. “A lot of people here have worked on five films with me, and I know there is a lot that is being said about what I think of them”, you hear him say to the actor who clarified: “I loved every second of every movie. Especially this one ”.

When he pointed out what he liked the most about the shoot, he pointed out the whole technical team. “I woke up every morning and got to work with you, and it will be one of the great honors of my life. “the 53-year-old artist said. Craig he was James Bond to Casino Royal, In terms of Consolation, Fall from the sky, Spectre and the next one No time to die.

The challenge of No Time To Die to not be an economic failure

Films that are released in theaters must be analyzed from two angles: on the one hand, narrative and visual, and on the other, economic. Many times these positions don’t go hand in hand, and having a movie rented doesn’t mean it translates into cuts in revenue and box office tickets. For No time to die, the economic objective would be around 900 million dollars.

Business House, a UK agency, estimated that $ 280 million had been spent to produce the film, which, due to delays, amounted to $ 314 million. Also, when you add the money allocated to promote the film, that number rises to $ 464 million. MGM, the owner of the image rights has an agreement that makes her the owner of 50% of every ticket sold, which makes her James Bond need to raise, at least 900 million to avoid getting into debt.

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