Daniel Craig thinks that James Bond movie he starred in is really not very good

James Bond fans are impatient with the approach of the release of To die can wait. On October 6, spectators will be able to discover in theaters the last participation of Daniel Craig as Agent 007, who announced that he wanted to return his Majesty’s spy costume at the end of this film. This 25th episode of the film franchise inspired by the books of Ian Fleming is undoubtedly the most anticipated film of this end of the year. A few weeks before its release, the streaming platform Apple TV + wanted to review Daniel Craig’s participation as James Bond, Casino Royale, released almost 15 years ago, until today. Entitled Being James Bond, this documentary available since September 7 includes some very interesting secrets from the British actor. He recognizes for example that if Casino Royale from the outset allowed him to convince the most skeptical spectators, his sequel Quantum of Solace, in 2008, was more complicated.

Filmed during the writers’ strike in Hollywood, which lasted from November 2007 to February 2008, this 22nd opus of the adventures of the secret agent suffered from a difficult production. “We suffered a strike from the writers. We had a script. It was not finished … It was almost complete, but not finished. It’s a film that works, but that’s it. It’s not Casino Royale, that would have been hard to do … In fact, it’s exactly like the case of ‘second album syndrome’. In a way, we couldn’t do better than the previous one. It’s easy to say, eh! Of course we wanted to do better but hey … There are still some good times … ”. A feeling that producer Barbara Broccoli shares: “We started shooting without a script, which is never a good idea. The script was dropped off, and I remember the scriptwriter coming to drop off the script, pick up his check, before going out with a sign to go and demonstrate. We had been fooled. We were confused, we had to make the story work … and it doesn’t always work. But OK. When I see him again, I tell myself that it’s not that bad, ”she explained.

With 589 million dollars in revenue worldwide, Quantum of Solace is the lowest grossing film of the Daniel Craig era. It is also the one that has received the most mixed or even negative reviews, deploring a scenario serving only as a pure pretext for action scenes, very successful for the most part. Pushed back several times because of the Covid-19, To die can wait He also had a difficult production, with multiple script rewrites and an ankle injury to the lead actor in May 2019. We will have to wait until October 6 to see if the producers and writers have learned from their mistakes of the past.

Article: Soure