Daniel Craig is already the highest-paid actor in the world

Daniel Craig (Chester, UK, 1968) has just become the highest paid actor in the world. His recent contract with Netflix to shoot two sequels of Daggers in the back They will report the sum of 100 million dollars (80 in euros), thus unseating Dwayne Johnson. The muscular actor known as ‘the Rock’ has held the ranking gold medal for two years in a row but is now largely outmatched: it is almost certain that Johnson will reach 42.5 million euros for Red One when Amazon releases it (charges a part in royalties) but for now he has already secured 25.5 just for shooting it.

Daniel Craig earned a Golden Globe nomination for his role as Detective Benoit in “Backstabbing.” Behind, Ana de Armas.

Claire Folger / Lionsgate via AP

They are all men

They are followed in the ranking of the highest paid by Dwayne Johnson, Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio

The third in 2021 is also a man: Will Smith will pocket 34 million for King Richard, pretty much the same as Denzel Washington for Small details. Finally, Leonardo DiCaprio, with 25.5 per Don’t Look Up also for Netflix, it is the fifth ranked. Above 10 million dollars (8.5 euros) but still far from DiCaprio, we find the first women: Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock.

Dwayne Johnson ranks second on the list

Dwayne Johnson ranks second on the list.

The Rock / Instagram

Although we have seen it shine also in Invaders, Challenge, Cowboys & Aliens and MillenniumAmong other films, Daniel Craig is world famous for his role as James Bond. The fifth installment of his character, No time to die It will premiere (finally) on September 28 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. For many, he is the only one capable of challenging and even dethroning Sean Connery as the best possible Bond.

Sticking to the data, Skyfall and Spectre make him a higher grosser than any of his predecessors and he has also been the only James Bond to enter Buckingham Palace to escort Queen Elizabeth II to a helicopter. It was on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of the JJ. OO. London 2012. Finally, Craig is the Bond who finally resolves the perennial and legendary sexual tension with Moneypenny, MI6 agent who at this time gives life to Naomie Harris.

When Bond became flesh

‘Casino Royale’ is a masterpiece of the genre, a turning point in the saga and the film that came to humanize an agent close to the superman

James Bond accompanied Elizabeth II to a helicopter in the very gardens of Buckingham Palace.

James Bond accompanied Elizabeth II to a helicopter in the very gardens of Buckingham Palace.


As for the character, for the next exercise we can discard Roger Moore and get serious: imagine the cold and brainy Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan crying helplessly as they watch the love of their life drown. It’s difficult, right? On the contrary, Daniel Craig’s Bond was devastated as he lost Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) in Casino Royale, a masterpiece of the genre, a turning point in the saga and a film that came to humanize an agent close to the superman.

Agent 007 tries to revive the love of his life in 'Casino Royale'.

Agent 007 tries to revive the love of his life in ‘Casino Royale’.


Little Daniel started acting when he was just over four years old. His family had a pub in the town of Chester (Chesire county, northwest England) and he performed for customers imitating television characters. After his parents divorced, he and his sister moved with their mother to an apartment in a tough neighborhood in Liverpool.

Their mother – Olivia, an art teacher – managed to place the children in a good school north of the city, although they had to walk home. That gave him silence. Daniel was not a good student, he preferred to get lost behind the scenes every time his mother took him to the Liverpool Erymann Theater and knew that he wanted to dedicate himself professionally after seeing Blade Runner. It was a shabby movie theater and he was alone in the room. It was in the early 80’s.

Movie poster 'Blade Runner'

Poster for the movie ‘Blade Runner’, by Ridley Scott. This film decisively motivated Daniel Craig.

Third parties

Took off late but hard

In 1996 he was able to enter a BBC series and two years later he won the award for Best British Performance at the Edinburgh International Film Festival for ‘Love is the devil’

In 1984, at the age of 16, he auditioned for the National Youth Theater and moved to London for the summer. He stayed in Notting Hill, at the home of a friend of his father’s. He studied theater and earned a few pounds working intermittently, also as bots in the theater itself. It was like that for six years. In 1991, he was cast as a soldier in The Power of OneThe film was more than mediocre but he was 23 years old, charged 18,000 pounds and spent every last penny.

In 1996 he was able to enter a BBC series and two years later he won the Best British Performance award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival for Love is the devil. From here, his career took off with Road to Perdition (2002), The intruder (2004) and Munich (2005), among other titles.

The heroes. Images from the film directed by Jon Favreau (Iron man), in which Harrison Ford (left) and Daniel Craig play two cowboys who in 1875, in New Mexico, must fight against space invaders

Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, in ‘Cowboys & Aliens’. Interestingly, Craig decided to pursue acting professionally after seeing Ford in ‘Blade Runner’.


Don’t collect lovers like James Bond

He has a 26-year-old daughter, Ella, from his first marriage and with his current wife, also actress Rachel Weisz, a three-year-old girl

Daniel Craig also differs from previous Bonds in that he does not collect lovers. Not in the movies or in real life. He married actress Fiona Loudon in 1992, they had a daughter, Ella, and they divorced two years later. He then went out with the German and also actress Heike Makatsch (he coincided with her in Obssesion, in 1997). They were together for seven years. Later he was related to Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, without proven confirmation, and from 2005 to 2010, he was a partner of the producer Satsuki Mitchell. So, he fell in love with Rachel Weisz.

He married the protagonist of Agora (Alejandro Amenábar) and winner of an Oscar for The loyal gardener in June 2011. The secret ceremony was attended by only four guests and two were Ella Craig (then 18 years old) and Henry (5), son of Rachel and director Arren Aronofsky. Three months later their first film together was released, Behind the walls. Craig and Weisz are the parents of a three-year-old girl.

FILE - Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig Welcome A Baby Girl MADRID, SPAIN - JANUARY 04: British actor Daniel Craig and his wife Rachel Weisz attend

With his wife, Rachel Weisz, at the presentation in Madrid of ‘Millennium: Men who did not love women’ in January 2012.


During an appointment

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, dedicated a phrase to the story: “You have been given a license to kill, now I am giving you a license to save”

Craig was 37 years old when he debuted as the spy that Ian Fleming devised. Today he is 52 and is the highest paid actor in the world but also one of the most generous: in April 2018 he donated his own Aston Martin for a charity auction, the proceeds of which were donated so that underprivileged students could complete their higher studies.

One of Daniel Craig’s lesser-known traits is his philanthropic work: his collaboration with charities such as Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, SAFE Kenya, Opportunity Network paved the way for him to receive the position of the first Global Advocate for the demining of the UN. His general secretary, Ban Ki Moon, dedicated a phrase to the story at the ceremony: “You have been given a license to kill, now I am giving you a license to save.”