Daniel Craig: 10 things to know about the interpreter of James Bond

Daniel Craig saw his career gain momentum by giving the reply to Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, his first foray across the Atlantic. But it is indeed in his native country, England, that his career will know a worldwide success. In 2005, he was officially appointed to succeed Pierce Brosnan as the famous British agent James Bond.

Since then, Daniel Craig has pursued an eclectic career between big budget films and more intimate films on behalf of great directors. At the end of the year, we will find the actor for his last film in the skin of James Bond, No Time To Die/ To die can wait. We invite you to discover 10 things to know about Daniel Craig.

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Crédit : Columbia Pictures/ EON Productions

Daniel Craig has French origins

Daniel Wroughton Craig was born in Chester, England in 1968 not far from the border with Wales. He grew up nearby in the little town of Frodsham. Her father, Timothy John Wroughton Craig, worked in the merchant navy, while her mother, Olivia Williams was an art teacher.

A priori, Daniel Craig is indeed British, but he also has French origins, more particularly from Drôme. Cock-a-doodle Doo! In 1685, Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes promulgated by Henri IV in 1598. This edict of tolerance ‘made it possible’ to put an end to the wars of religion in France and to grant rights to Protestants.

In Beaumont-lès-Valence (in the Drôme), Daniel Chamier was consecrated a pastor a year later, in 1686, like his father Daniel Chamier and his grandfather before him, Adrien Chamier. The Chamiers are the direct ancestors of Daniel Craig to the tenth generation.

After the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, Daniel Chamier son emigrated to London where he will end his life. According to the research carried out on the origins of the actor, the Chamiers were pastors from father to son, in Montélimar but also in Romans. In addition, most of the Chamiers took refuge in the Netherlands, Switzerland and England. James Bond thus has a bit of France flowing in his veins.

Daniel Craig is passionate about science fiction and Star Trek

Daniel Craig is best known for his muscular appearances in the franchise. James Bond and his action roles in blockbusters. What is less known is that the actor is passionate about science fiction.

Daniel Craig will have touched his desire in the films At the crossroads of worlds: The Golden Compass (2007) and Cowboys and Invaders (2011) which have not met with critical and public success.

Franchise James Bond offers him many possibilities in the cinema. The actor tries his luck and in 2007, he declares in the media that he wants to shoot in a film. Star Trek. Unfortunately for Craig, this announcement fell on deaf ears. At the same time, J. J Abrams is developing his film Star Trek which will be released in 2009, as well as sequels, without Daniel Craig ever appearing in the cast.

Daniel Craig refused to promote a film

Dream House. Crédit : Universal Pictures

It’s rare enough to be stressed. As a rule, actors are required by their contract to participate in the promotion of a film. Defend it to push spectators to rush to the cinema. Some actors like Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson or even Joaquin Phoenix do not like to participate in this sort of thing, preferring to rely on the curiosity of the audience. In the case of Daniel Craig, it is for something else entirely.

Daniel Craig participates in promotions. But when it was the turn of the film Dream House, which he shared with Rachel Weisz, the two actors and their director, Jim Sheridan, simply refused to promote the film.

The production of Dream House was rowdy and difficult. Also, as critics reveal their thoughts on the film, Dream House is simply set on fire by journalists. The leading trio thus decides not to go and defend a film that is being destroyed by critics around the world and prefers to move on. Audiences will follow reporters and the film will meet with box office failure.

Daniel Craig is a generous actor

Daniel Craig is a rather quiet actor. We see it little on television sets. And it is not to speak of charitable works that he will depart from the rule. However, Daniel Craig is very invested in certain works.

At the 21st annual Gypsy of the Year ceremony organized by Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, the actor raised $ 1,550,000 against AIDS (1.3 million euros). Daniel Craig is also a social rights activist. He is involved with the SAFE Kenya association which, through street theater, fights social problems.

True to himself, the actor does not report it in the media and instead operates in the shadows.

Daniel Craig initially refused James Bond

This anecdote seems so astonishing today so much Daniel Craig has left his mark on the successful interpretation of James Bond. However, at the beginning, the actor is not hot to interpret agent 007. It must be said that it is a sacred pressure on the shoulders. In 2004, the producers of James Bond offered the flagship and coveted role to Daniel Craig.

The actor left a good impression on them in the film. Layer Cake. Barbara Broccoli falls in love with her game and makes it her favorite. But Daniel Craig initially refuses the proposal. ” I never say yes until I read the script », He had told.

While Pierce Brosnan was ousted in 2004, to the chagrin of the fans, it is he who, in person, will convince Daniel Craig to accept the role. Rather classy. In addition, Craig was able to count on a solid script. A year later, the ad was revealed and Craig was officially inducted as a new Bond agent.

Daniel Craig has been heavily criticized for James Bond

Skyfall. Crédit : Columbia Pictures/ EON Productions

But that was before the actor’s detractors discovered how brilliantly, force and character Daniel Craig embodied Agent 007 in the first installment, Casino Royale (2006). This era, which should have been festive, finally turned into a wave of hatred and criticism.

At the news of the enthronement of Daniel Craig in James Bond, harsh criticisms rocketed in the media. Both industry and franchise fans have attacked producers, Broccoli included, and EON Production and Sony Pictures for turning down Pierce Brosnan for one final round and for choosing Daniel Craig in his place.

Even before discovering his on-screen performance, many believe the actor is not cut out for the role. He is criticized for his small size (1.78m), for being blond with blue eyes, for having a developed build and for being sorely lacking in charm and charisma. The newspapers are not left out and describe him as “James Bland”, or “James le bland” in French. Finally, above all else, fans are threatening to boycott the release of Casino Royale. A site has also been created to reinforce this boycott.

The fans suggested, in vain, the names of Clive Owen, Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana or Colin Farrell to replace him. Bad pick for Craig’s detractors, Casino Royale and the performance of the actor are praised. Craig is now one of the favorites of the public, his charm is no longer in question and he is considered one of the best Bond in the franchise.

Daniel Craig is passionate about sports

For the shootings of James Bond, Daniel Craig needs to follow a strict diet and be in good physical condition. The actor has already, in the past, referred to the difficult conditions of such shoots requiring to be in shape at all times. Daniel Craig had shocked some by saying: ” I’d rather break this glass and slash my veins than think of a fifth James Bond », During an interview with the English media Time Out. The actor was exhausted from filming and wanted to take a break.

Daniel Craig, on the other hand, enjoys watching sports on television a lot. Football in particular. Daniel Craig is a staunch Liverpool supporter. He also follows with pleasure rugby, a sport he played when he was at university. The actor played on the Hoylake RFC team.

Daniel Craig has been injured several times

Partly because of the many negative reviews against him when he was announced as the new performer of James Bond, Daniel Craig wants to perform his own stunts. But the actor also wants to please the public so that the stunts are as realistic as possible.

Daniel Craig has never bragged about being like a Tom Cruise, Jason Statham or any other actor doing even his craziest stunts, but he deserves to get his hands dirty. ” In a James Bond, we do things for real, and we don’t do them halfway », He had declared. For his first entry into the bath James Bond, Daniel Craig was severely injured on Casino Royale. During a scene of a fight, the actor is caught in the face the punch of one of his colleagues.

The result is not beautiful to see, Craig ends up with a bloody mouth and two broken teeth. In order to continue filming, the producers urgently appealed to his dentist to put dental gowns on him. In the following strands, the actor will crumple a rib, cut his finger, and receive eight stitches in his face while filming Quantum of Solace. While on Skyfall, Craig will sprain his wrist. Being a secret agent is not easy.

Daniel Craig did not appreciate his time in Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider. Crédit : Paramount Pictures

In 1991, at just 23 years old, Daniel Craig graduated from the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama. During the 1990s, Daniel Craig appeared in British series before making a name for himself in the cinema.

In 2001, Daniel Craig began a career in the United States. The same year, he gives the reply to Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider which allows it to expand its popularity. The Briton must thus adopt the American accent, while Angelina Jolie the American must adopt the English accent.

The film is doing quite well in the world, especially thanks to the success of the video game from which the film is based, but also thanks to the aura of Jolie, a real star at the time. Everything seems to come together to please Daniel Craig.

However, the actor will admit later not to have lived a good period during the filming. He even qualifies this first American experience on Tom Raider “Horrible and boring”.

The actor will have something to make up for later since this role will offer him to collaborate with Sam Mendes (The Paths of Perdition, 2002), Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, 2003) et Steven Spielberg (Munich, 2005) before becoming Spy 007.

Daniel Craig forms an action couple with Rachel Weisz

Before being married, the two actors pursued their own rich career and their family life. Daniel Craig was married to the Scottish actress Fiona Loudon with whom he had a daughter in 1992. While Rachel Weisz was a hit in The Mummy (1999) alongside Brendan Fraser, before starting a relationship with American director Darren Aronofsky with whom she will have a boy.

The future couple have known each other for more than a decade, but will not take the plunge until 2010. A year later, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz will say ‘yes’ at an intimate ceremony in New York and host their first child in 2018. While one hits the mark in the skin of James Bond, the other navigates between Jason Bourne and in some time as Melina Vostokoff, alias Iron Maiden at the Black Widow from Marvel. A couple of action.