Dakota Johnson very sexy in a blazer dress: Chris Martin’s companion is causing a sensation

On June 13, Dakota Johnson was lovely and very sexy in a white blazer dress and silver stiletto heels. Chris Martin’s girlfriend caused a sensation for the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan.

At 32, Dakota Johnson is brighter than ever. For the premiere of Tribeca Film Festivalon June 13, we find the young actress in a most glamorous outfit. The actress is very sexy and seductive dressed ina white blazer dress finished with sheer shiny toe stilettos. Far from being a simple dress, this piece is with a cutout in the back, decorated by dazzling chains. This Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan was an opportunity for the actress toto appear for the premiere of Cha Cha Real Smootha film premiering on Apple TV+ on June 17.

For a successful glamorous look, dakota johnson opted for a simple hairstyle, with a high bun and a few locks left on the sides of her face. To accessorize her look, the 32-year-old actress wears earrings and a ring. The result was simply breathtaking!

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin, a romance kept private

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin are married since 2017. If we hear very little about them, it’s because they hold that this relationship remains private. That doesn’t stop the 32-year-old actress from occasionally opening up about their life together, especially in interviews. This is how Dakota Johnson revealed that she and Chris Martin, 45, were both homebodies and like to stay in their house in Malibu. The actress explained: “We’ve been together for a while, and we go out sometimesbut we both work so hard that it’s nice to be home and to be comfortable and private”. Dakota Johnson did not hesitate to add that most parties are inside my housereports the magazine SHE.

Speaking of work, Dakota Johnson now appears in another movie, Cha Cha Real Smooth. This is the story of a young man with a diploma, but yet without a definite plan for the future, who decides to become a bar mitzvah entertainer. As he befriends a young mother, Domino aka Dakota Johnson, and her daughter Lola, the young man finally finds his vocation. In addition to playing a role in the film, Dakota is also a producer there..

Dakota Johnson very sexy in a blazer dress: Chris Martin’s companion is causing a sensation