Curiosities of ‘Revenge: Istanbul Connection’, with Liam Neeson

In 1993 he was nominated for an Oscar for schindler’s list and in 1996 he took the Volpi Cup for Michael Collins. The public had seen Liam Neeson in numerous dramatic roles, from The mission until Gangs of New Yorkgoing by Nell either The Miserables. This continued until 2008, when he released the film that would turn his career 180 degrees: Revenge. With it, not only did he start a saga of millions and millions of dollars in revenue, but he launched into the actiona genre in which today he moves like a fish in water. Revenge: Istanbul Hookupits first sequel, hit theaters in 2012 and replicated the success of its predecessor, even bettering an already spectacular box office.

The reinvention of Liam Neeson as an action hero

It all started when the actor traveled with his wife, Natasha Richardson, to the Shanghai Film Festival, where Luc Beson participated as part of the jury. Liam Neeson took the opportunity to run as a candidate to give life to the protagonist of Revenge, on whose script the French filmmaker was working. In the end he got the role, as he recalled in an interview with indiewire. “Gonna straight to videoIt doesn’t matter, thought Liam Neeson. He was very wrong.

Liam Neeson in ‘Revenge’ GTRES

The film was a huge success, grossing more than $220 million worldwide. The second installment, Revenge: Istanbul Hookupachieved an even more impressive box office, 376 million dollars, and a couple of years later they released the third part of the trilogy, revenge, with 326 million dollars of collection. Liam Neeson has exploited that facet in many other films since then: Without identity, White Hell, walking among the graves, one night to survive, The passenger… EITHER subzero revengewhich, despite its title, had nothing to do with the saga that started it all.

Liam Neeson was about to not participate in the sequel

After the enormous success of RevengeLuc Besson got down to work to create a sequel to the height of that exciting story, again with Robert Mark Kamen as co-writer and changing the direction to Pierre Morel for Olivier Megatonwith whom he had already met in Transporter 3. The problem? That Liam Neeson wasn’t very up for the job to play ex-agent Bryan Mills again, as the specialized medium was advancing Deadline at the beginning of 2011. It seems that the actor wanted take the rest of the year off when i finished recording Wrath of the Titans -along with Sam Worthington, the protagonist of Avatar– instead of embarking on another shoot. Even so, in the end Liam Neeson brought the character back to life.

Liam Neeson in ‘Revenge: Istanbul Hookup’

Mickey Rourke, one of the options to replace him

As there was a moment in which the continuity of Liam Neeson at the helm of Revenge: Istanbul Hookup was not very clear, Luc Besson even went so far as to consider some names as possible replacements for the actor in the sequel. Among the options were Mickey Rourke, Ralph Fiennes, Sean Bean, Ray Winstone and Jason Isaacs.

New kidnapping in Revenge: Istanbul Hookup

If in the first installment of the saga the daughter of former special agent Bryan Mills is kidnapped in Paris and her father tries to rescue her, in Revenge: Istanbul Hookup HE turn the tables. The father of one of the kidnappers in the first film seeks to avenge his son, so a group of hit men tries to kidnap Bryan Mills and his ex-wife while they are on vacation in Istanbul with his daughter.

Liam Neeson in ‘Revenge: Istanbul Hookup’

A prequel in serial form

At the end of the trilogy, Luc Besson expanded the story on television with a series in which the famous retired agent Bryan Mills reappeared. This time, however, it was not Liam Neeson who played the character, and it is that Revenge: Origins He looked back at his past. Clive Standen (Everest, Vikings) gave life to the young Bryan Mills, recruited by the CIA after saving a train with many passengers on board. The series, created by Luc Besson and Alexander Cary, ended in 2018 after two seasons on NBC.

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Curiosities of ‘Revenge: Istanbul Connection’, with Liam Neeson