Cry Macho: the first reviews on Clint Eastwood’s western have fallen

Clint Eastwood Pulls On His Cowboy Outfit In Cry Macho, his new western that struggles to get the critics to agree.

We can’t stop Clint Eastwood, who has more than eighty films (not all intended for the big screen) on his counter. With such a prolific filmography, the director did not fail to try his hand at all genres, to the point where his career can only be a loop. This is undoubtedly the reason why his latest drama, whose trailer is imbued with a western aura, is a return to his first love, while continuing to deal with themes that are dear to him as a director (American politics and transmission).

Cry Macho tells the story of Mike (Clint Eastwood), an old horse breeder who, at the request of a former colleague and friend, must evacuate the latter’s son from Mexico. A road trip that promises to be twilight, and perhaps even retrospective of the director’s career. If the trailer suggested that the film would be a clever mix of the director’s favorite genres, the press, it, is much more mitigated vis-a-vis the final result.

So to speak, the film divides. It is considered simple, contemplative and twilight by some. On the other hand, these charming traits are seen as oversimplification, awkwardness, and reminiscences of declining talent. In any case, respect for Clint Eastwood remains. Even among the skeptics, all believe that his authentic know-how manages to slip into this new feature film. Newspaper.

“Small events in scenes that ooze beauty, no rush. That’s the pastoral version of Eastwood. Mike’s character recreates his ruined life, in a way. He finds pleasure in serving a community. . The outspoken agnostic takes the hand of a believer he loves when she prays to start a meal. The sincerity of what is worth living is the raison d’être of the film. No more and no less. . ”

In the saddle for the press review

“One of Eastwood’s last swan songs. The film is transparent enough to let you appreciate the few subtle shadows that creep in; and this from the way the actors are filmed in the doorway to the doorway. how eastwood plays mike coeven that old man who would give anything to hang his hat somewhere. If only he could bring himself to pull it out of his head. Better late than never.” IndieWire

“Cry Macho is almost a half-paced western, with the demands of a 90-plus-year-old movie star. This only underscores his glowing tale, in which Mike is already a timeless man. accompanying kid, the energetic Rafael, tries to encourage him to enjoy the last act of his life rather than endure it. “ The Atlantic

photo, Clint Eastwood, Eduardo Minett

So far, everything is fine.

“A road movie that, considering who directed it, starts off pretty well. But Cry Macho is straightforward and confusing, sometimes stormy, sometimes grimacing, though sometimes genuine, in a way no one else can do.” TheWrap

“From the first moments of the film, audiences can accurately guess the unfolding of the story. There remains the pleasure of seeing Eastwood graciously negotiate each of these worn-out twists.” ScreenDaily

“A friendly, entertaining and stereotypical film. It’s harmless and good-natured, nothing more. A minor event.” Variety

“The point is, as a movie Cry Macho is slow and boring at times. But as a statement from one of Hollywood’s oldest figures, it offers its fair share of brilliant and understated ideas.” AvClub

photo, Clint Eastwood

Worn but still respected

“Much of Eastwood’s career over the past two decades has proven his age and experience to have incredible cinematic value, when he sticks to his high demands. When he doesn’t, which is unfortunately the case with Cry Macho, the uninspiring result that emerges leaves you with melancholy memories of what the director once was. “ Observer

“The film is apparently meant to be a reflection on the masculinity of the horseman as Clint Eastwood, who must tame and reshape his young protege into an honorable person. Instead, it’s more of a reflection on the awkward and predictable achievement. of a film.” Associated Press

An addition of rather strong criticisms, but the final result of which is close to 50/50. Enough to give Eastwood aficionados the benefit of the doubt, and hope to have a good time for the layman. If this new experience in Mexico tempts you, know that the film will find its way into French cinemas on November 10, 2021.

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