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Amazon-Prime has premiered be the Ricardos (Being The Ricardos), the film starring Nicole Kidman and the oscar nominee Javier Bardem. Directed and scripted by the prestigious Aaron Sorkins (creator of The West Wing of the White House), the film has divided the critics, oscillating between those who believe that it is a good job and those who have not finished getting hooked. What can we do. There are people for everything.

I love Lucy

be the Ricardos focuses on a critical week for the members of the sitcom I love Lucy, a real hit on television in the 50s in the US, followed by 60 million people. Her star, Lucille Ball (an almost unrecognizable Nicole Kidman among so many prostheses and layers of makeup) is accused by the press of belonging to the Communist Party, in the middle of the witch hunt of the McCarthyism. The thing was nonsense if we take into account that her husband and co-star of the show, the Cuban Desi Arnaz (Javier Bardem) had left Cuba by legs when Fidel and his men arrived.

The point is that no one knows how the public will react and everyone is nervous about losing their jobs. As if that were not enough, while the marriage triumphs on the screen, off it it goes through a crisis, while Lucille announces her pregnancy.

Although it may seem otherwise, be the Ricardos It is not a biopic to use. It is true that she tells the story of how Lucille Ball became successful on television, how she met her husband and how her relationship ended, but she does it with enough skill to play with other genres. So those who hate biopics can rest easy because the film is also an analysis of what television was like at that time, of the ins and outs of recording a sitcom and also, although to a lesser extent, an analysis of the American political situation. at that time.

The film hits many sticks and what in other tapes is a burden, in this one it is not thanks to the great ability of Aaron Sorkin to go from one genre to another. be the Ricardos It begins as if it were a documentary, it continues as if it were structured based on the days of recording a sitcom and in between they are interspersed flashbacks telling us how the Arnaz met and showing glimpses of life in the most glamorous Hollywood.

What in the hands of anyone else would have been a disaster, here it picks up pace and keeps you hooked until you reach an ending that, I admit, has moved me. Am I going soft?

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We love you, Javier

Going to what interests us,Javier Bardem can win the oscar? Well, I’m not his biggest fan (I’m more than Luis Tosar, which is huge even advertising industrial beers) but I think that, for the first time, I have believed that yes, that Javier Bardem is a great actor and that he plays a character in an extraordinary way. I confess that I have not seen the good boss but I have the feeling that it has been gaining a lot over the years. Desi Arnaz’s portrayal of her is wonderful. Bardem is a big part of the movie’s charm. With a Cuban accent (yes, she can play Cuban and nothing happens; it’s her job) Bardem cries, laughs, sings and moves the most painted. So short of seeing Cumberbatch, I think Bardem is a strong candidate to win the Oscar.

1645743042 170 Criticism of Ser los Ricardo Being The Ricardos the newbe the Ricardos It is a film that would have deserved better luck, not to be financed by a streaming platform and premiered behind the scenes, thus losing itself in an immense catalog that ends up devouring good films. Because if, be the Ricardos It’s a good movie. It does not reach the category of what we call “a movie” but it is well above average.

It is also true that it is too American because, in other countries, Lucille Ball had little impact and until now we had no idea who Desi Arnaz was or her importance. In any case, that does not prevent enjoying the good cinema of Aaron Sorkins nor of their stories, of their way of telling us a story. As Bardem-Arnaz would say: enjoy the show. Greetings, be happy.

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Criticism of Ser los Ricardo (Being The Ricardos), the new film by Aaron Sorkin brings us an impressive Javier Bardem – Lascosasquenoshacenfelices