Cristiano Ronaldo, Keanu Reeves and other celebrities who have lost a child

Last week, Cristiano Ronaldo and his wife, the now influencer Georgina Rodríguez, made public that they had lost one of the twins they were expecting. Although they did not delve into the causes, it is known that the pregnancy ended and the boy did not survive, while the girl was born without mishap.

Days later, through social networks, they thanked the signs of affection they received throughout the week. They even shared an image where they are seen surrounded by all their children: Cristiano Jr; the twins Eva and Mateo; Alana and the newborn, who is held by the Portuguese.

“Home Sweet Home. Your support is very important and we feel the love and respect you have for our family. Now is the time to be grateful for the life we ​​have just been given in this world,” the footballer wrote on Instagram.

Just like them, there have been, sadly, more cases in the middle of the show, in which some celebrity loses a child.

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John Travolta

At the age of 16, Jett Travolta, son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, died. As a child he was diagnosed with autism and also suffered from seizures that occurred regularly due to Kawasaki disease, a generalized inflammation of the arteries, which triggers different discomforts and damage.

The family was in the Bahamas vacationing for the Christmas and New Year holidays. According to the reports shared by the family itself through its body of lawyers, the minor was found lying in the bathtub, after he lost consciousness during a convulsive crisis.

Although they tried to give him first aid inside the Old Bahamas Bay hotel, everything was in vain and the teenager died.

In 2020, Kelly Preston passed away from aggressive breast cancer, leaving John a widower and two of their children, Ella and Benjamin, motherless.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone has also experienced the loss of a son. On July 13, 2012, Sage Stallone, 36, died of a heart attack. After the autopsy, it was revealed that the attack he suffered was due to atherosclerosis, which is when there is an obstruction or blockage within the arteries. A week after his death, the funeral was held in Brentwood, California.

After the events, Sylvester and his family distanced themselves from public life and mourned within their home.

“There is no greater pain than that of a father who loses his son. This agonizing loss will hurt me for the rest of my life. Sage was my first child and the center of my universe,” the actor shared with the press.
Sage was born from the relationship between Sylvester and his first wife, Sasha Czack.

Keanu Reeves

On Christmas Eve, December 24, 1999, actress Jennifer Syme lost the baby she was expecting with actor Keanu Reeves. It is known that during her birth the girl was already dead. As a result of the incident, the couple could not keep the relationship afloat and marked the beginning of what would be a distance between the two.

The little girl, who was registered as Ava Archer Syme-Reeves, was buried at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in California.

Jennifer was unable to recover and took refuge in parties, alcohol consumption and drugs.
Two years later, on April 2, 2001, he died in a road accident when, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into three parked cars.

Anna Nicole Smith

Aged 20, Daniel Smith, the son of model and former Play Boy bunny Anna Nicole Smith, made headlines in September 2006 when it was confirmed that he had lost his life in the Bahamas.

According to police reports, the young man died of a drug overdose. He was on the island, as his mother had just given birth, just three days earlier, to his little half-sister, Dannielynn Birkhead, who was born on September 7, 2006.

It is known that Daniel died in the same hospital where his mother gave birth days before, in Nassau. The following year, on February 8, 2007, Anna Nicole died of an accidental prescription drug overdose, in Florida. Her remains rest next to those of her son, in the Bahamas.

Joe Biden

It was in 2015, when he was serving as vice president of the United States, that Joe Biden suffered firsthand the death of his firstborn.

Due to a brain tumor, Joseph Robinette Biden III died at the age of 46, leaving behind his wife Hallie and two daughters, Hunter and Natalie.

Beau Biden, like his father, turned to politics as a lifestyle. He served as a veteran of the Iraq war and was a Delaware prosecutor since 2017. His aspirations led him to try to run for governor of the state, however, the illness forced him to distance himself from political life until the day he died.

Beau’s death adds to the list of tragedies surrounding the current US president. In 1972, his then-wife Neila was hit by a trailer while she was driving. She and her daughter, Naomi, died in the crash, while their sons, Beau and Hunter, survived.

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Cristiano Ronaldo, Keanu Reeves and other celebrities who have lost a child