Couple found cheap hotel for the night: joke of the day

A couple was enjoying their vacation and decided to go on a road trip. Soon the two lovers were on their way, taking a lonely path. At nightfall, they decided to take shelter.

The couple searched for a hotel for hours before finding one just outside the outskirts of town. After approaching the manager and asking for a room, he assured them that one was available.

A shocked couple. | Photo: Shutterstock


The manager noted that it was € 100 a night. It didn’t go well with the man and his wife, and they tried to leave. But before going out, the couple waved to the manager and asked if there was another option.

He advised that there was another hotel just on the outskirts of town which cost € 25. The couple liked it as it was well within their budget.

However, before they left, the manager told them that the hotel was haunted. The couple shrugged and left for the hotel. When they got there, they booked a room and paid.

As the travelers continued on their way trying to locate their room, they stopped and asked the manager about the haunting rumors. The director replied:

“Oh, it’s just my rivals trying to kick me out of business. I haven’t seen any sign of a ghost in the two hundred and fifty years I’ve been here. ”

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A man and his son were walking back to their hotel room, and just as they were about to open the door, the hotel housekeeper opened it from inside and informed them that she had finished cleaning.

She also added that she replaced their towels and toiletries. The father nodded and thanked her. When they entered, her grandson went straight to the bathroom.

I looked everywhere in our washroom, and I couldn't find any trees. | Photo: Pixabay

I looked everywhere in our washroom, and I couldn’t find any trees. | Photo: Pixabay

He had been there for a while, and his father quickly realized it. The father called his son, asking him if everything was okay. The little boy replied that he was fine, but the father felt he was upset about something.

He went to the bathroom trying to check if his son was okay and saw that he was okay. He also noticed that the boy looked sad and asked him what was wrong. The son of man answered:

“Dad, I think that lady lied to us. I looked everywhere in our washroom and found no trees. ”

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