‘Constantine 2’, with Keanu Reeves, shares news and details

development and ad of Constantin 2 It has cost a lot. Tape, which has always been defended by Keanu Reeveshas been gaining the favor of the public over the years, and although it did not end up being a good adaptation of hellblazer, yes managed to transfer the universe of DC comics to the screen. the interpreter has fought for the role for yearsand now it’s Francis Lawrence, director of the first installment and of I’m legendwhich confirms comic book that Warner Bros. Discovery and he, along with the lead writer and Reeves himself, have begun active work on the project.

Constantin 2 does not have a definitive script but they are working on shaping the story after the problems with the rights

“We don’t have a script, but Keanu, Akiva Goldsman and I, who worked together on the first film, have been trying over the years to get this sequel off the ground”, confirmed the filmmaker. It’s been complicated because of the DC/Vertigo world, especially showing who owns the character and who has control over the characters. Rightstrying to get the right people to move on. We’ve been given the green light, we’ve got that now, and now we need the story. We would all love to do it,” concluded the filmmaker.

Coming from the world of DC comics, JJohn Constantine is an exorcist and paranormal investigator trying to tip the balance in the battle between good and evil., helping all those innocents who need their strength and intellect not to fall into the shadows. Able to see the demons and angels, who try to influence normal people, he doesn’t hesitate to position himself as he thinks is right.

Problems with DC and Vertigo have led to the project being delayed time and time again.

“I would love to be John Constantine again”Reeves has commented on several occasions, who has spent years looking for this sequel to happen. The film, which will be released in 2005, did not have a good box office despite the efforts of the director and the actor.who fought to be faithful to the original material on a tape that should be for all audiences according to Warner. As Reeves has explained, in each scene with Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf, Djimon Hounsou or Peter Stormare and Tilda Swinton in the aforementioned film, there was emotion and truth in the shooting, and it shows in each frame. The sequel does not have a release date but Warner considers it a priority project for the next few years.

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‘Constantine 2’, with Keanu Reeves, shares news and details