Constantine 2: the director gives good news on the sequel with Keanu Reeves

Constantine 2 has been officially in development since September, and the director Francis Lawrence is pleased with the progress of the project.

While the fourth installment in the action franchise John Wick must invest the dark rooms by next March, and that we have just learned that Keanu Reeves could also reprise his role in the spin-off Ballerinait seems that the interpreter of the Baba Yaga will soon be led to leave aside his contract killer costume to go back to hunt the demon.

If the actor had already expressed in 2021 his desire to lend his features to the character of Constantine again, it will however have been necessary to wait until last September for the clutches of Warner Bros. confirm that a sequel to the first feature film of 2005 was indeed in development – ​​to the detriment of the horror series project commissioned for the HBO Max platform. And according to director Francis Lawrence (who had already directed the first part), it looks like this highly anticipated sequel is going pretty well.

Constantine film addresses Constantine series

Loosely based on the fantasy comic series hellblazer published by DC Comics, the first film told the story of John Constantine, a demon hunter and exorcist destined for hell as he tries, alongside police officer Angela Dodson, to unravel the mystery behind the suicide of a young woman. Initially greeted by relatively mixed reviews, Constantine has nonetheless grown in popularity over the years.

A new consideration that could only delight Keanu Reeves, Francis Lawrence and the producer Akiva Goldsman, the trio having obviously worked hard to justify the merits of a sequel to Warner for several years already. Nevertheless, if this famous suite has been occupying the minds of the three friends for a long time, no script has yet been considered for the moment. In an interview given to comic bookthe filmmaker nevertheless wanted to praise the progress of the project:

Constantine : Photo by Keanu Reeves“I wait”

“We don’t have a script yet, but Keanu, Akiva and myself, who all worked on the first film, have been trying to write one for several years now. However, it was difficult to achieve because of the DC Comics and Vertigo licenses. There was always the problem of who owns the character, who controls him… We had to find the right people to talk to in order to move the film forward. And now that that’s settled, it’s we just have to find a story.”

The future screenwriters involved in the film will therefore finally be able to begin to address the question of the story, which is indeed good news. It will now be a question of inquiring with the actors of the original film, just to know which ones would possibly be inclined to resume their respective roles. For the moment, alone Reeves being confirmed his presence at the casting (here, we cross our fingers very strongly that Tilda Swinton returns).

Tilda Swinton: Photo“Come on, please come back”

Given that the project is therefore only at a very embryonic stage, it is difficult to speculate too much on the direction that could potentially take Constantine 2, but given the doors left open by the 2005 footage, there are many leads. All that remains now is to wait patiently before knowing more. After all, it’s only ever been 17 years that fans have been waiting.

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Constantine 2: the director gives good news on the sequel with Keanu Reeves