Cluedo: Tim Curry reveals the existence of a fourth alternative ending for the film!

In his career, the American actor of American origin has starred in several successful feature films. We can cite in particular The Rocky Horror Show, That or Mom I missed the plane. However, his name is rarely mentioned when we talk about the killer clown of That or the transvestite Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Show.

It remains rather associated with the butler Wadsworth that we could see in the film Cluedo released in 1985 and directed by Jonathan Lynn. The feature film, which was inspired by the famous board game of the same name, had different alternative endings with three outcomes that could be seen by viewers. However, as Curry recently revealed there, a fourth alternate ending had also been shot by the production.

An alternate ending deemed too serious

Cluedo is a murder mystery that features the familiar characters from the board game, but also new characters like Butler Wadsworth. The story takes place in a mansion where six guests must cooperate with the staff to solve a murder mystery. Three ending possibilities were presented to the audience. The first two are defined as turns the story could have taken while the third was the true ending.

Curry reveals that there was, however, a fourth ending in which his character killed everyone. An ending that was rejected by the director.

“I ran through the house killing everyone”

Tim Curry at magazine Empire

Information that director Jonathan Lynch confirmed to the same magazine, explaining in passing what motivated him to put this end in the trash.

“It wasn’t funny enough… It wasn’t surprising enough.” This would have ended the film on an anti-climax. So I just removed it. Three was enough.

Jonathan Lynch

Prior to this statement, Lynn had indicated that in this fourth ending, Wadsworth reveals that he poisoned the champagne that the guests drank so that they all died shortly afterwards, before then being arrested by the FBI.

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The filming of Cluedo proved to be very intense for Tim Curry

Cluedo was a box office failure, grossing less than its $15 million budget. But over the years, the feature film has managed to forge a cult film status. Curry’s performance as Butler Wadsworth was particularly appreciated by the public and even by Jonathan Lynn. In his interview with Empirethe director revealed that he immediately supported casting Curry when it was suggested.

Not only Curry’s previous performance in The Rocky Horror Show impressed Lynn a lot, but he also went to school with him. Curry took on the intensity of his role in the film by successfully delivering three different rapid-fire monologues, one for each of the different endings. “It was a bit scary because he never breathes,” he said.

Curry’s investment in the role was such that he even had to receive treatment afterwards.

“It was exhausting… In fact, when we finished this sequence, I had to go see the company nurse. My blood pressure was sky high! “.

Curry on filming all three endings simultaneously

Source : Movieweb

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Cluedo: Tim Curry reveals the existence of a fourth alternative ending for the film!