Cloud Atlas was a “magical experience” for Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks loved filming the Cloud Atlas of the Wachowski sisters, whom he describes d’magical experience“.

Homo-spectatorus is decidedly an incomprehensible creature. Complaining all day long of having to eat pre-formatted or re-vomited works, he is unable to recognize a masterful dish when he sees one. In any case, this is the only explanation that consoles us when we see the monumental flop that had suffered Cloud Atlas of Lana and Lilly Wachowski and Tom Tykwer in 2012, with $ 130 million for nearly $ 150 in budget.

Obviously, this fresco attempting to transcend time and space is not free from flaws, heaviness, and lengths … but the price to pay is nothing compared to the feast of visual and narrative ambitions that offers us the duo behind the trilogy Matrix and the director of investigation, associated with a cast that would give the migraine to an aspirin: Halle Berry, Jim Sturgess, Hugo Weaving, Doona Bae, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, Ben Wishaw, James d’Arcy, Susans Sarandon, Keith David and Tom Hanks.

A film that you (from)block a corner

Asked about his three best films according to him on the occasion of The Bill Simmons Podcast, the favorite “Mr. Everyone” of the United States rather took the opportunity to classify his three best memories of filming. The actor cited first, An extraordinary team (1992) for his shoot which consisted of playing baseball and eating well, Alone in the world in second for the morning swimming session to join the boat that was going on the set and the Milky Way visible on the outward and return journey then Cloud Atlas third :

We filmed Cloud Atlas with a hope, a dream, a lot of love and sincerity But the shoot itself, we were part of a bigger whole. Fantastic people who were working hard to deliver the best of themselves on such a risky bet … this whole movie was so much of a risky business that participating in it was all the more magical.”

photo, Halle Berry, Tom HanksYou are such a good actress, so why do Catwoman ? Why !”

A judgment that demonstrates the wisdom of Tom Hanks despite recent career choices more or less questionable. If we find the Wachowski sisters from December 22, 2021 with Matrix 4 : Resurrections, Tom Hanks reviendra en 2022 en Gepetto du Pinocchio by Robert Zemeckis and recently joined the filming in Spain of the upcoming Wes Anderson, Asteroid City. With his 65 years, we will come to believe that Hanks really transcends space and time.

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Cloud Atlas was a “magical experience” for Tom Hanks