June 10, 2021

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Cillian Murphy recalls auditioning for Batman in 2003

Cillian Murphy recalls auditioning for Batman in 2003

In 2003, actor Cillian Murphy was one of the finalists to play Bruce Wayne / Batman in the trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan, even going so far as to test the costume to see what it would look like on screen with Amy Adams, who was also interested in appearing on the tape.

It is currently known that the character ended up in the hands of Christian Bale, while Murphy played Doctor Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow, one of the antagonists in the film. The actor finally broke the silence about his experience of auditioning to be Batman in this adaptation.

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Cillian Murphy, who is currently promoting the film “A Quiet Place Part II”, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter played down suggestions on the “proximity” of the process to acquiring the role of the gentleman of Gotham City, assuring that he caused him not to consider getting close to playing the character in the film.

“The only actor who was the right fit for this role at the time, in my opinion, was Christian Bale, and he absolutely did it,” so for me it was just an experience, and then it happened. turned out to be something else. He ended up in that character, Scarecrow, and it turned out to be a working relationship with Chris (Nolan), ”Murphy commented.

So I think very, very deeply about the time, but I never saw myself as a big part of Bruce Wayne.

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In 2013, Cillian Murphy would take on the role of Tommy Shelby in the “Peaky Blinders” series, one of his most acclaimed characters so far in his acting career. In that same interview, Murphy praised the work of series creator Steven Knight, calling him “one of the best writers working today.”

“By the time we finish this series, he will have written 36 hours of television on his own, and I don’t know if anyone else has done it in the new age of television,” he said. he declared. “Peaky Blinders” recently wrapped filming on its sixth season.

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