Christopher Walken: why has he never had children with Georgianne, his lifelong wife?

Married for more than fifty years to Georgianne, Christopher Walken never became a dad. The actor explained the reason for not starting a family.

No need for children for a marriage to work. The example of Christopher and Georgianne Walken shows it well! Married since 1969, the actor and his wife have never had children. It’s not because they didn’t want to … but because the Oscar-winning actor for his role in Journey to the end of hell did not have time. In an interview a few years ago, in fact, Christopher Walken said that his decades-long career in Hollywood would not have “absolutely not” was possible if he and his wife had had children. The 60-year-old realized this when he saw other actors and actresses withdraw from their careers after having babies. “I am sure that a number of young actors I knew at the time would have continued to work in the world of cinema if they had not had children”, he told the Guardian.

According to him, it is “which forced them to find a more accessible and stable job” : “For my part, I was able to survive even during periods without work”. Although he never knew fatherhood, Christopher Walken said he had no regrets. The actor indeed insisted that he was quite happy to be living a simple life in Connecticut with his beloved wife. “My life is pretty basic. I’ve been married for decades. I don’t have any hobbies or children. I don’t like traveling much. I’ve never had a great social life. I really stay. at home, except when I go to work, he described, still in the columns of the Guardian, in 2016. So in that sense, I guess I’m an ordinary guy. “ And together, Christopher and Georgianne Walken share many special moments.

Christopher Walken: when did he meet his wife?

The actor’s wife is particularly fascinated by the work of her husband, who has played more than a hundred different roles during his career. “It’s very interesting to be married to a man who constantly plays a different person, she assured, admiringly, a few years ago. You always live with a different person. He never tells me what role he plays when he prepares. It hits me one day. “ Christopher and his wife first met in 1963 when they played a couple on a theatrical tour of West Side Story. The two fell in love in real life, and after six years of romance, they married never to leave each other again. Before retiring in 2007, Georgianne worked as a casting director for films and TV series.

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Christopher Walken: why has he never had children with Georgianne, his lifelong wife?