Christopher Lloyd will come to Colombia

He is remembered for his role as a half “mad” scientist as Doc Emmett Brown in the film “Back to the Future”, alongside Michael J. Fox.

The unique character will be a guest at Comic Con Colombia.

The organizers of version 11 of Comic Con Colombia, the most important convention of pop culture and the entertainment industry that brings together fans of dramatic art, comics, movies, anime and manga in a single space, confirmed that the international guest will be Lloyd, remembered for bringing him to life in the Back to the Future trilogy.

On June 24, 25, 26 and 27, the Comic Con Colombia will be held in Corferias, an event that was born nearly 50 years ago in the United States and is currently celebrated in the main cities of the world, bringing together in one place the best of the performing arts, pop culture and all its manifestations.


From a galaxy far, far away comes the second international guest.

Anthony Daniels the legendary actor who characterizes the iconic character “C-3PO” from Star Wars.

He was born in England on February 21, 1946. Due to the influence of his parents, he initially began law studies, but later abandoned this career since he did not want to be a lawyer. So he took a course at an acting school for three years. He was fortunate to have excellent teachers in the mime and radio departments, two fields of art that would be of great use to him in his future.

Leaving university in 1974, Anthony won an award from the BBC. After hundreds of productions, he left to pursue the theater and soon after joined the National Theater of Great Britain in “The Young Vic.” While acting in Stoppard’s Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, he received the call to meet George Lucas for a role in a science fiction film. What came after we all already know, being part of one of the most important film sagas in the history of cinema.

In 2019, he published his memoir of his film experiences in “I AM C-3PO – The Inside Story”.


From the Hidden Leaf Village, comes the third international guest at COMIC CON COLOMBIA 2022. Alfonso Obregón, the renowned actor who lends his voice to characters such as “Kakashi Hatake” from Naruto, “Shrek”, “Fox Mulder” (Secret Files X), “Ren Höek” (Ren and Stimpy), “Bob” (ReBoot), “Princess Grumosa” (Adventure Time) and who also gives life to the voice of “Bugs Bunny”, will arrive in Corferias during the last week to participate in Comic Con Colombia 2022.

Alfonso Obregón Inclán (born July 29, 1960) is a talented Mexican actor and dubbing director, his roles are often very different from each other, which has made him one of the most versatile actors in the industry.

The voice actor who joins the international talent of Comic Con Colombia 2022, is also the voice of actors like Mike Myers, Woody Allen, David Duchovny, Chris Rock and Chris Tucker. (GRS-Press).

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Christopher Lloyd will come to Colombia