Christian Bale: Who is the actor who plays Gorr in Thor

The actor Christian Bale makes a jump from DC to Marvel by playing Gorr the God Butcher in the new movie Thor: Love and Thunderbecoming a trend through social networks, before his appearance to play the famous comic book character.

As we know, Christian Bale is one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood cinema for his ability to drastically change his image, in addition to his iconic interpretation of Batman in the DC film trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan.

Now, Christian Bale joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the main villain of Thor: Love and Thunder. So it will be a good time to make known the award-winning career of the actor in Hollywood, receiving important awards such as two Golden Globes, two SAG awards and Oscar.

Who is Christian Bale, the new Marvel villain?

The actor Christian Bale was born on January 30, 1947 in Haverfordwest, Wales, he is the youngest son of David Bale, a businessman, commercial pilot and manager, while his mother, Jenny James, was a circus dancer. One of Christian Bale’s grandparents was a comedian and another was a stand-in for actor John Wayne.

Christian Bale’s first approach to acting was at the age of 8 in a commercial for fabric softeners, as well as training ballet for much of her childhood. At age 10 she did a play with Roman Atkinson, and in 1987, had the first opportunity to make his film debut in the film The Sun’s empire by Steven Spielbergg, being his ticket to fame.

Later he participated in films such as Henry V (1989), little women (1994), portrait of a lady (nineteen ninety six), the secret agent (1996), V.Elvet Goldmine (1998), and American Psycho (2000). However, one of his most recognized roles was for his transformation, by losing 28 kilos to The Machinist in 2004.

In 2005 becomes one of the most famous actors in cinema play Bruce Wayne in batmanbegins by Christopher Nolan and later, The dark knight Y The Dark Knight Rises.

However, his decision to undergo severe diets to lose or gain weight has made him one of the controversial actors, due to the health complications that the drastic changes in his body entail.

On the other hand, despite his career in award-winning films in the film industry, his bad temper has become the cause of some controversy on the recording set of some productions, due to his fits of anger.

At the moment He is married to the model Sandra Sibi Blazic. since 2000 with whom he has two children: Emmeline Bale and Joseph Bale. The two met during the production of little women, thanks to actress Winona Ryderas Blazic was then Winona’s personal assistant.


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Christian Bale: Who is the actor who plays Gorr in Thor