Christian Bale has an impressive new beard and here are 4 tips to achieve the same result

Christian Bale proves that good facial hair can be enough to make a look. All the Beatles wore beards in the 1970s (George Harrison in particular), Jim Morrison grew one to complement his curly hair, David Beckham experimented with his chin hair as much as he did with his varied wardrobe , while Jason Momoa’s facial hair is as impressive as his hair.

Christian Bale is also in the game. In addition to boasting an elegant wardrobe and one of the finest resumes in cinema, Bale currently has one of the most beautiful facial hair in Hollywood. A hair back, a well-trimmed beard and a horseshoe-shaped mustache are all elements that reinforce his cool side.

And it only gets better. For its November cover of QG, Bale sports a slightly bushier, more grown-up beard than what we’ve seen before. Neat around the edges, with just the right amount of fluff around the chin. This is quite simply the best beard we’ve seen this year.

So we asked Joe Mills (of barber Joe & Co) for some tips to help you achieve the same level of excellence as Christian Bale.

Joe Mills: “Growing out your mustache and beard takes a few weeks. If you start when you are used to being clean shaven, you may get a little skin irritation. It’s just your skin adapting, so keep it hydrated and it should pass in a day or two.”

“To keep a beard as neat as Bale’s, you need to invest in one of the best beard trimmers. I think Wahl’s Super Taper trimmer is the one to go for. It’s cordless so you can easily use it in the bathroom and it’s fitted with ‘guards’ that allow you to trim your beard to the exact length you want, whether it’s as long as your beard. de Bale or slightly shorter.”

Super Taper Clipper, Wahl

“To even out your beard, comb the hairs downward, then using one corner of the trimmer, gently trim along your lip line. Don’t go overboard, or you risk removing too much. Take your time and check that everything is symmetrical.”

Face wash, Triumph and Disaster

28 €

Triumph and Disaster

“I personally think you should invest in a decent face wash to keep your skin and beard clean. Pair it with a moisturizer to keep it soft and supple. The Triumph & Disaster brand is top notch for both.”

Dark Moon Moisturizing Cream, Triumph and Disaster

56 €

Triumph and Disaster

“As a finishing touch, add a few drops of beard oil to give it a groomed look. Captain Fawcett’s comes with a comb for extra help.

Via British GQ

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Christian Bale has an impressive new beard and here are 4 tips to achieve the same result