Christian Bale: 10 things to know about the interpreter of Batman

Christian Bale is a fascinating actor. A true chameleon and follower of The Method, the actor often changes his skin, his physique, going from one extreme to another to embody his characters. Each time, the result is masterful and inhabited performances.

Talented, respected in the profession, best actor having played Batman for most of the fans, extremely discreet, Christian Bale acts as a film UFO in Hollywood.

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Rarely playing the superficial game of the big stars of the industry, the Briton prefers to devote himself exclusively to his game without going into the sidelines of the profession. In order to introduce you to this great actor a little more, we offer you 10 things to discover about Christian Bale.

Knight of Cups. Crédit : FilmNation/ Dogwood Films

Christian Bale competed with Leonardo DiCaprio

In the late 1990s, Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio were in competition. The two actors, now recognized and respected, were opposed during two successful projects. The first for Titanic.

In 1996, James Cameron actively sought a young actor for the role of Jack Dawson in his future global success. The Canadian director seriously thinks of the young Christian Bale who has already cut his teeth in Empire of the Sun (1987) at age 12 or The Four Daughters of Doctor March (1994). But the producers of Titanic clash because Kate Winslet, Briton, has already been hired and they don’t want a UK duo for the film. They will hire Leonardo DiCaprio who will become a world star after the film.

The second project was the right one for Christian Bale. The adaptation ofAmerican Psycho is in preparation at the same time. Christian Bale is very interested in the role of Patrick Bateman, golden boy and psychopath. But the producers (again) oppose Bale whom they consider little known. Instead, they want to hire… Leonardo DiCaprio. But the latter will refuse because of disagreements with the director Oliver Stone hired for the film.

The producers will then turn to Ewan McGregor for the role. However, the very stubborn Bale will ask McGregor to decline the offer, which he will do. Christian Bale will finally have the coveted role of the film directed by Mary Harron, the initial choice of the production after the abandonment of Stone. Despite the studio’s reservations, American Psycho will be a success and Bale’s performance will be commended.

Christian Bale actively supports environmental causes

Christian Bale is one of the few actors who doesn’t play the Hollywood game. He has no social network, he never talks about his private life, he never appears on American talk shows, never publicly talks about his personal and political commitments.

Playing the card of the Hollywood philanthropist personality who conveys messages to good hearing during award ceremonies? Very little for him. Christian Bale does not fit into this game and prefers to remain private.

It is also far from the cameras and the media that the actor works for the causes that are dear to him. So you probably don’t know it, but Christian Bale actively supports associations and other environmental groups. The actor donates when he has the opportunity and feels very concerned about our environment. Like his Batman character, the actor acts in the shadows.

Christian Bale: his wife is a stunt performer in The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises. Crédit : Warner Bros. Pictures

Christian Bale met his wife, Sibi Blazic, in 1994 on the set of Four Daughters of Doctor March. In this film adaptation, the actor gives the answer to Winona Ryder whose assistant is none other than the future Mrs. Bale.

Sibi Blazic is a makeup artist, actress and also a stuntwoman. A large palette that allowed her to shoot with her husband in The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. On the film, Sibi officiated as a stunt pilot.

« My wife was a stunt performer [sur le film], she chased me through town in Batman, said Christian Bale in 2014 in an interview for The Wall Street Journal. She was driving one of the police cars. She can do 180 °, stunts and all that. She terrifies me. My wife terrifies me », Proudly punctuated the actor.

Christian Bale was chosen by Steven Spielberg out of 4,000 children

In 1987 Christian Bale made his film debut in Empire of the Sun by Steven Spielberg. At 12, the actor was chosen to play James Graham, the son of a British industrialist. The American director was looking for a young British boy for the role and saw 4000 children parade during the auditions!

The young Christian would have impressed Steven Spielberg and the casting director, which allowed him to land the role.

Christian Bale has been involved in several motorcycle accidents

Would Christian Bale be a daredevil? The actor is passionate about motorcycles which he practiced in his free time. But a series of accidents quickly decided him to put aside his passion. Christian Bale has indeed broken his body many times during his motorcycle tours.

He thus has a titanium collarbone, a steel plate on his wrist and 25 stitches in one of his hands. ” I have so much metal in my body that keeps me going Said the actor. Not to mention the tip of a left finger torn off in an accident in 2012, then reattached surgically.

« I couldn’t move my fingers at all. My arm was no longer used for anything », Said the actor to Esquire in 2014. Christian therefore shot Exodus : Gods ans Kings (2014) with an arm and a finger in compote. Finally, in 2014, the actor had to resolve to give up his passion for good.

Christian Bale is the king of incarnations

American Hustle. Crédit : Columbia Pictures/ Metropolitan FilmExport

If you follow Christian Bale’s flourishing career, then his physical transformations are no stranger to you. Besides, Bale is certainly a champion in this area. It is not a physical performance that we do not talk about. Drastic changes for the actor who plays yo-yo.

In 2004, the actor stood out for his impressive weight loss for The Machinist. Christian Bale lost 28 kilos to play Trevor Reznik, a tired worker. His performance and physique will be talked about a lot, many caring about the health of the actor whose diet consisted of gulping down “Water, an apple, a cup of coffee a day, with whiskey from time to time “, Said Bale who had passed under 55kg for 1.83m.

Some time later, in order to embody Batman (2005), Christian modifies his body again. Christian Bale takes almost 45 kg more to sculpt his body, reaching 99.7 kg. But nicknamed “Fatman” (“the fat man”) during filming, the actor will lose 9 kg.

He will lose another 25 kg for the film Rescue Dawn in 2006, to resume them two years later for The Dark Knight, then to lose 13.6 kg for The Fighter (2010) which earned him the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Christian Bale’s weight will hold for roughly three years before regaining 19kg for American Bluff, to return to his ideal weight … to gain 18 kg in order to interpret the former vice-president Dick Cheney in Vice (2018). Diets that make you dizzy and that the actor has said he wants to stop: ” I’m done with this “He said to CBS Sunday Morning in 2019.

Christian Bale never took comedy lessons

Here is a piece of news that should give some hope to all aspiring comedians. The actor has never taken a single acting class in his life. After his first film with Spielberg, the young Christian will move towards acting and will chain projects until he makes a name for himself in the cinema.

So little time for Christian to take lessons. The latter had declared to operate on “instinct”. In 2011, he completed his words in an interview: “ I never took a course. I’m just like ‘I better try and invent!’ ».

Christian Bale and his family were part of a circus

If Christian Bale has never taken comedy lessons, we can however say that he had almost that in his blood. Christian Bale is indeed part of a show family.

His parents were part of a circus troupe. Thus, Bale grew up in the middle of the circus world which led him and his family to travel constantly. So it can be assumed that Bale was somehow prepared to pursue a career in show business.

Christian Bale is the first British actor to play Batman

The Dark Knight. Crédit : Warner Bros. Pictures

Before Christian Bale in the role of the Dark Knight of Gotham, there was Adam West, Michael Keaton, George Clooney or even Val Kilmer. When Bale was cast as the new Batman by Christopher Nolan, he arguably shouldn’t have thought he was the very first British actor, even non-American, to don the hero’s costume.

It is not uncommon to see non-American actors in theaters portraying superheroes. yankees (Superman, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Venom, Docteur Strange…).

Today, Christian Bale is considered the best interpreter of Batman in front of his American friends. A first British actor but not the last since it is his compatriot Robert Pattinson who is now taking up the torch.

Christian Bale and his family of actors

Christian Bale started filming quite by accident. According to him, Christian first did it for the money. It was only after his first real big cinematic experience in Empire of the Sun by Steven Spielberg that the actor would have taken a liking to it.

Besides, nothing urged the young Christian to venture into this industry. However, her big sister Louise is also an actress. She appeared in 2003 in a movie Batman, before his brother! In the movie The Death of Batman, Louise Bale played Madame Wayne, but the film received terrible reviews and did not meet the success of the Trilogy of Dark Knight worn by Christian.

Besides, Christian’s two grandfathers were artists. One of them was a ventriloquist and comedian (but also a jockey and boxer), and the second was a stuntman in Hollywood and voiced none other than John Wayne in the film. Danger!, in 1962.

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