Chris Hemsworth’s son’s favorite Avenger is not Thor: Surprise yourself!

Chris Hemsworth debuted as Thor in 2011 with a solid entry led by Shakespearean Kenneth Branagh and since then his popularity within the Marvel Cinematic Universe He did nothing but climb through the clouds. The character has participated in all the films of the Avengers as one of the brand’s most important and powerful heroes.

The Asgardian God of Thunder is synonymous with strength, leadership and, since his last solo film, a bit of humor as well. Many celebrated that the charismatic personality of Chris Hemsworth found a small space in the interpretation of Thor giving the character greater relief. From Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi, and surely even more in Love and thunder, the character is “Pure ingenuity”.

Thor is not his idol!

Pendant, Chris Hemsworth have fun with your child, who when he plays games Avengers He doesn’t wear a hammer and cape like his daddy. The boy chooses a bow and arrows. Your idol? Hawk Eye, the archer played by Remy Renner which currently has its own series via the streaming platform Disney +.

A nice video on social media shows Chris’s son playing with his dad. The young man shoots a toy arrow at a glass above the actor’s head and hits the target! Be careful, Hawk Eye, Come in Kate bishop And this guy has some competition as the world’s most accurate archer. Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have a curious fact about it …

Hawk Eye debuted in the MCU during the first film of Thor. At this point, he makes a small appearance in which from a distance he points an arrow at the Asgardian who is fighting with a group of soldiers. The archer asks for confirmation of the action to be taken because soon, he says, “This guy will start to love me”. Of course, the God of Thunder uses all of his resources to expose the weakness of his opponents.

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Chris Hemsworth’s son’s favorite Avenger is not Thor: Surprise yourself!